Nature Photography at its Best: A Breathtaking Collection

By Ayaz Malik | November 25, 2016

Without a shred of doubt, most people will agree that the most beautiful images and scenes are that of nature. One can say, as a matter of fact, that a simple picture of an empty beach or that of a butterfly leaving its ...

700+ Free PSD Templates for Download

By Ayaz Malik | November 20, 2016

Free PSD templates sure make life easier for web designers and photo artists- that’s the gospel truth. As designers and artists, we spend countless hours toiling and working on our Photoshop files before we get wha...

80 Most Beautiful Tree Pictures from Around the World

By Ayaz Malik | November 18, 2016

Trees are an essential part of nature, and if you appreciate nature you’ll be wowed by pictures and photos of beautiful trees. I’m not quite sure what it is but I’m drawn to trees. Something about their sha...

90 Inspiring High Resolution Wallpapers for Your Desktop

By Ayaz Malik | November 14, 2016

The creative mind is always busy. When it’s not, it’s still kinda busy but you just don’t know it. Subconsciously it’s always wrestling with one thing, thought, or idea and you only realize this once the idea tak...

How to Write a Killer Resume That Gets You Hired

By Ayaz Malik | November 8, 2016

Have you ever wanted something so bad you’re ready to give your all to get it? You think about it every single time and now you’re wondering; “what else must Simba do to become the Lion King?” If...
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Top 18 Free Online Website Builders

By Ayaz Malik | October 17, 2016

I have gathered a list of some amazing sites which you can use to create your websites in minutes and for free, with easy to use Free online website builders or what we call website makers. The Best part about these w...

Digital Art – A Beautiful Gigantic Collection

By Ayaz Malik | October 10, 2016

Several years ago when Designzzz was created, we focused on digital art and illustrations a lot. Along the way however, we started giving out photoshop tutorials and resources so we kind of drifted from artworks. But n...

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