14 Free Pure CSS UI Kits

By Ayaz Malik | July 30, 2015

Pure CSS UI kits, or user interface kits, help web designers like me to design fast loading, modern looking websites and apps without much effort or time consumption. And all of these are free. After these UI kits, we do...
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Design a creative business logo with Logogenie

By Designzzz Reviews | July 29, 2015

So, you’ve been thinking about a really cool business idea that will change the world and you want to take the leap… The first thing in order to get started is a good business logo! You’ve already got y...
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Collaboration Tools: Free Apps for Project Management

By Ayaz Malik | July 29, 2015

Collaboration tools help teams to work on projects while staying in remote locations. These tools help us share ideas, track work progress, transfer files, and many other things. There are many types of online collaborat...

100 Most Beautiful Youthful Tattoos for Girls

By Ayaz Malik | July 28, 2015

This is a showcase of exceptionally beautiful tattoos for girls. I have tried to pick only youthful, vibrant, lively tattoos that suit the young and modern girls of 21 century. Since this is a big collection, I have sepa...
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3D Tattoos that are Unbelievably Brilliant

By Ayaz Malik | July 22, 2015

The idea of 3D tattoos is great but it takes an incredibly skilled artist to use 3D to its full potential. Good thing is, there are many such artists working in the market. So today, I’m sharing a collection of the...

Methodology of UI Design for Smartwatches

By Ayaz Malik | July 21, 2015

User interface design and web app design for smartwatches… that’s what this article is about. You might be wondering if we’re getting a little ahead of times? Currently, smartwatches are only being used...
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