10 Outstanding 3D Character Designs and Illustrations


3D Character Illustrations10 Outstanding 3D Character Designs and Illustrations Gathered from DeviantArt.

All images/artworks are taken from deviantart and are properly linked back to artworks and artists profiles.
To go the artwork click on the artwork name, to go to the aritst profile click on the artist name and if u want to see full size image click on the image.


Captain Jack Sparrow by *JPRart


captain jack sparrow 3d illustration


Open Green by ~cryinghorn


girl 3d illustration


do you want fries with that? by ~albynism


3d character design


Helena the archer by ~3dsquid


helena archer 3d character


mermaid by *pascalblanche


3d mermaid design illustration


Queen of Blades by *OmeN2501


queen of blades 3d character


Meduzarts: AION Asmodia by *I-NetGraFX


meduzarts 3d character illustration


Dream by ~DevIvo


dream 3d character design


Spoiler_espada_III by *Wen-JR


spoiler espada 3d digital art


N0X presentation shot by *slipgatecentral


nox presentation 3d illustration




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Published on: August 27, 2009,

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