10 Worth Watching Celebrity Pencil Sketches


Jack Sparro celebrity sketch10 Worth Watching Celebrity Pencil Sketches Gathered from DeviantArt Collections. All These Sketches are taken from Deviant Art by me and have give full credit to the artists by linking back to their profiles and their artworks

To Go the the artworks please click on the images and if u wish to visit the artist click on their name.



Sir Sean Connery by ~theangryfish


Sean Connery Pencil Sketch

Captain Jack Sparrow by ~AndyBuck

Captain jack Sparrow pencil sketch



keria knightley pencil sketch

Sybilla by ~pbozproduction


sybilla pencil sketch

Jennifer Love Hewitt by ~Tanya-B

Jennifer Love Hewit Sketch

Liv Tyler by ~theangryfish


liv tyler sketch

Madonna by =akaLilith


madonna sketch

Natalie Portman by ~xialaceleste


natalie portman sketch

Kate Winslet by ~Lorelai82


kate winslet sketch

lamb by ~czornyy


lamb sketch


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Published on: August 21, 2009,

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