20 Superb Examples of Animal Fractal Art


fractal animal artworks20 Superb Examples of Animal Fractal Art

Fractals are always beautiful in almost every form, but these fractals artworks below are mind blowing. Normally what we see are fractals in patterns, designs etc. here we have animals illustrations drawn via fractals. You can reach the original image sources by clicking on the image.
Hope you enjoy :)

Photo by Jovan  Klopocan

Photo by Beverly & Pack

Photo by Beverly & Pack

Photo by Beverly & Pack

Photo by Beverly & Pack

Photo by Jazzman1989

Photo by Steve aka Crispin Swan

Photo by *Sefora*

Photo by Steve aka Crispin Swan

Photo by Steve aka Crispin Swan

Photo by Martina

Photo by Steve aka Crispin Swan

Photo by typhonragewind

Photo by Jennifer Doyon

Photo by Vonshnaps

Photo by ~fotocomics

Photo by Martina

Photo by Martina

Photo by Inge  Schepers

Photo by Beverly & Pack


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17 Comments on “20 Superb Examples of Animal Fractal Art” Join The Discussion!
  1. marcusbacus says:

    Why say these are fractals when clearly they are NOT? They are a mixed composition with some Apophysis details and real animal pics. There aren’t any 100% fractal images there. I must say that the lion pic nearly fooled me though.

    It’s ok to say that they are superb or whatever other flattering word one might want to use, but these are not “fractal art”. It’s some basic Photoshop, to be honest.

  2. Hermitbiker says:

    …. 20 Superb Examples of Animal”Fractal” Art collected and posted here at “Designzzz.com” by Ayaz’s friend “Tabi”…. excellent post Tabi and thanks again to you and Ayaz !! :-)

  3. osstudio says:

    excellent work. It has long been interested in fractals. In nature they are everywhere

  4. herveleger says:

    The animal arts are good-looking,many people must be appreciate them.

  5. rifky says:


  6. raju says:

    You done a great job tabi. keep it up

  7. Nancy says:

    Great art but the math part of my brain is screaming cause these aren’t fractals, I am pretty sure they aren’t even pseudo fractals with the possible exception of that starfish one

  8. UltraGnosis says:

    Please understand that this is NOT fractal art – it’s just photographs that have had a filter (called fractatalius) applied to them.

  9. PANDA19 says:

    @marcusbacus you do realize that fractals are regularly are used to create animal images such as these among many other things, ever heard of CG?

  10. marcusbacus says:

    Yes I do – I work with fractals since 1997 at least. All these terrains of games are made with fractal calculations at some point. But these pictures aren’t animals created with fractal formulas or softwares (CG), this is just a regular animal picture with a silly Photoshop plugin applied to them. This is very different. And ugly. And NOT a fractal.

  11. Greta says:

    It was perfect! :)
    How I can do such photo?
    (in Photoshop CS5)
    Thanks in advance for the answer!
    I’m sorry if I write does not make sense, I’m not English

    1. Tayyab says:

      Hello Greta!

      Don’t worry about your English :)
      Yes you can make such pictures in Photoshop but it requires a big tutorial and I can’t describe it all in a comment. We’ll try to make a tutorial for it very soon.

  12. Greta says:

    I thank you.:)
    I expect it, or I’ll look on the Internet.:D
    Or(if you have time and no problem) you can write me (e-mail)
    If you do not write off does not matter, I understand!:))
    Thanks in advance.:D

    1. Tayyab says:

      Hi Again Greta!

      The problem is we already have many requests for Photoshop tutorials and we won’t be able to work on your request for about two weeks. Anyhow, we have noted your request and we’ll be working on it in the 2nd half of August.
      If I remember correctly, there was a software this kind of purpose, Fractal Extreme if I remember correctly. You can google it and give it a try in the meanwhile :)

  13. Greta says:

    Ok. :)
    Thank you! :DDD
    I look after him.^^

  14. Xzendor7 says:

    These Are All Wonderful Images, But You Must Be Aware That They Are Not Fractal Creations.

    To Create Such Image Requires The Use Of The Program/Plugin Fractalius Which Takes A Photo Or Any Other Image And Applies The Effects That You See Here.

    This Is Much Different That What You Get When Using A Fractal Program Like Fractron 9000 (My Favorite), Apophysis, Ultrafractal, Incendia, Mandlebulb And Many Other Available Fractal Art Applications.

    For Great Examples Of Fractal Art Head On Over To DeviantArt And You’ll See The Difference

    If You Want To See So Animal Fractals Checkout My Gallery While You’re There, These Were Created Using Only Fractals Using A Fractal Generator.

  15. sajjad ahmad says:

    good work

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