29 Most Wanted Texture Packs


textures pack29 Amazing and Most Wanted Texture Packs with 100+ textures in them.

All texture packs and textures are gatehred from Deviant Art and all artists are properly linked back.
To go to artist profile click on their name, to go texture source page click on texture name and to download click on Download Pack


Textures Pack II by *LuneBleu-Stock


textures pack 2


AR Painted BG – clouds 01 by ~AngelinaResource


clouds Textures


Manipulated Monoprints 1 by `pendlestock


manipulated textures


Large Textures .34 by ~crazykira-resources


large textures


Black Florals Pack by =inspyretash-stock


floral textures pack


Green-Floral Pk


green floral texture


‘Dark’ – 4 Image Pack by `tExTuReMaTtIc


dark textures pack


Vintage Texture Pack by =cloaks


vintage texture pack


vintage grunge textures by `Princess-of-Shadows


vintage grunge textures


land textures by ~filthy-diamonds


land textures


Nature Wallpaper Size Textures by ~spiritcoda


nature textures pack


5 large colorful textures by ~Kiho-chan


colorful textures pack


10 Scratchedlight Textures by ~monstreum


scrached light textures


Handmade Paper 2 by `pendlestock


handmade textures


Textures 02 – Stock Pack by =kuschelirmel-stock


textures stock pack


BOKEH COLLECTION I by ~proverbios31


boken textures pack


Bokeh Collection II


boken collection textures


Sweet Tenderness Texture Pack by *WanderingSoul-Stox


tenderness textures


pkg.Vokeh1 by ~H-D-STOCK


voken texture


SS TexPack 1 by ~SheisprettyStock


ss texture pack


text_165-169 by *ShadyMedusa-stock




Waking Dream by ~lookslikerain


walking dream textures


Cloth Texture Pack 2 by ~ALP-Stock


cloth texture pack


cloud textures 1 by ~itendstoday


cloud textures pack


Oriental Textures Pk12 by =inspyretash-stock


oritental textures


Autumn textures pack I by =Ayelie-stock


autumn textures pACKS


Grunge Package by ~Etereas-stock


grunge textures


Embellished by `exchanged-stock


embellished texture


30 Lens Flare Light Textures by ~tunichtgut


lens flare textures

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  5. Girlie December 15, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Great collection! Really amazing textures you have in there. I particularly like the handmade paper textures. Awesome resources for graphic designers out there.

  6. Lisa January 9, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I really appreciate all the artists who contributed these awesome textures!

  7. Stephany October 1, 2010 at 3:02 am

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