35 Epic and Awesome Wallpapers


Lets admit it, we all like to put colourful wallpapers on our desktops. Some people consider it kiddish but still it makes us feel good.

This is a fantastic collection of Awesome Wallpapers gathered from DA.

We keep sharing wallpapers from time to time, if you want wallpapers of any kind, just shoot a comment and we’ll come with the very best wallpapers of that kind.

Tip: Wallpapers do slow down your computer, so try to optimize your image before you set it up as a wallpaper.


My Stash by =f–l–A–r–k

stash wallpaper

400,000 hits by =ravenskar

doll wallpaper

  • Resolution: 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1900×1200 | Download All

Chromatic taste by =k3-studio

chromatic taste wallpaper

Embraced WS by =casperium

space embraced wallpaper

Chromatic gears

chromatic gears wallpapers

phenomenon by ~aiRaGe

phenmenon wallpaper


buildings paintings wallpaper


Foreign skies

foreign skies wallpaper


imperial wallpaper

Veil Of The Empyreal Sun by `j4m3sb0nd

emperial sun wallpaper

Africa by ~evilhomer145

africa wallpapers

  • Resolution: 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×960 and 1600×1200 | Download All

Dibujo Rarro by ~spinix

flash wallpaper rarro

Shamans Plants by ~love1008

shamans plants wallpapers

Shamans Journey 46

shamans journey wallpaper

Ice Fishing by ~HelixDesigner

ice fishing wallpaper

Portal by `JoelFaber

portal wallpaper

Summer cocktail by *iuneWind

summer cocktail wallpaper

-Evergreen- by ~silwenka

evergreen wallpaper

  • Resolution: 1920px x 1200px,
    1680px x 1050px,
    1600px x 1280px,
    1600px x 1200px,
    1400px x 900px,
    1280px x 1024px,
    1280px x 960px,
    1024px x 768px
    | Download All

A trip to wonderland by ~secroit

trip to wonderland wallpaper

Julian Pearls for Dragonfly113 by ~johnnybg

julain pearls wallpaper

Spiral Flower 9

spiral flower wallpaper

Gaia by ^archanN

gaia wallpaper

Bubble Wave WP by =darkstormlord

bubble wave blue wallpaper

Life 2 by =Gate-To-Nowhere

life wallpaper tree

Colorpicker-a by *iuneWind

color picker wallpaper

Space Lunar wallpaper by ~FISHBOT1337

space lunar wallpaper

Golden Sea by =tonyelieh

golden sea

Orchestra Gold by ~vladstudio

orchestra gold wallpaper

Arctic Expedition by ~19-10

actic expedition wallpaper

  • Resolution: 1900×1200,
    | Download All

Floating Cube 07 by =leonardclagett

floating cube wallpaper

The Lake by *welshdragon

lake wallpaper

Remote Colony SE by =nxxos

colony wallpaper

Wallpaper – birthday gift by =MelGama

wallpaper flower

Green Fairy WP by =Pygar

green fairy wallpaper

The Screamy Wallpaper by `emciem

screamy wallpaper

  • Resolution: 1024×768,
    | Download All

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Ayaz Malik

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19 Comments on “35 Epic and Awesome Wallpapers” Join The Discussion!
  1. Marcia Cunha says:

    Eye Popping images! Astonished by every one of them!

  2. Alexandre Bigaiski says:

    So, very nice! Congratulations!

  3. catalin1205 says:

    Great selection!

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      thanks :)

  4. Elmer says:


  5. skeet says:

    those are all some fantasy ass bs no talent pieces of work, and i aint even playin

  6. GCH says:

    They are really epic wallpapers and I love all of them so much. Well I have another 50 outstanding digital art wallpapers here. Have a look guys!

  7. Xykon says:

    Last wallpaper is the best :D

  8. Keira says:

    Those are epic! I have an iPod touch and I am gonna use them all!

  9. Ali Raza says:

    really awesome

  10. g mAn says:

    Life2 wallpaper=truly epic
    Other ones are nice too :D

  11. Chris says:

    What a wonderful collection!

  12. iqbal ahmed says:

    it’s very cool pics.

  13. PARA says:


  14. Gav says:

    Some of these are truly epic, just a shame not many support a 27″ screen =[

  15. flsa overtime says:

    I truly appreciate your time and effort

  16. Teresa says:

    Very cppl

  17. Betty-Boop says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Ayaz… I love them and have bookmarked them..

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      glad you enjoyed these awesome wallpapers

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