40 Creative and Humorous Photography


40 Creative and Humorous Photography

Everyone likes humor right. It gets even funnier when its captured in photos. Here is a list of 40 humorous photos which will make you laugh and yet they are creative.

I have been posting inspirational, resourceful and worth watching stuff from a while, but now for a little change here is some humorous stuff before everyone indulges into Christmas Holidays.

If you will enjoy these images don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below !

Death Marshmallow by *Alephunky

marshmallow photography


marhsmallow massacre

The Cola Wars by *caycowa

coca cola wars

The Cola Wars – Pepsi

pepsi wars

Eat more cow by ~lexidh

eat more cows

Family portrait

hurmorus portrait

Processing Cow

processing cow photography


mcdonals cow sad

Apple A Day by *Doctor-Gus

Apple humorus photography


apple eyesore humorous

Cannibalism by *finkycake

strawberry cannibalism

Straw Barry Meets His Maker

straw barry gun

You are fired by ~dechobek

you are fired photography

Seagull Talk by `dinyctis

seagull shit

Wedding cake by ~nanaranja

wedding cake humorous

Tomato Transfusion by ~tupilak

tomato transfusion

Problems by ~arkraven123

Problem sign humorous

Ameristop Humor by ~RainbowPickle

humorous boss sign

Funny by ~Moonwalker697

funny children

Be A Artist by =ShadowRunner27

be a artist waste lfie

Funny Sign by ~xx-JpnAnimeKrzy-xx

funny sign board

Resistance by =paleoichneum

resistance sign board

The Great ESC-Escape by ~x-therumor

escape key escapes

Student’s Dilemma. by ~TheF-cK

students dilemma

Encore: omg more eggs by *nocturnalMoTH

encore more eggs

LOUD — 2

loud orange

Behind your back

behind your back orange

There Was A Door Before by ~JeanFrancois

door before

Bad Habits. by *Kelly63

squirrel smoking

Don’t eat me by ~Kawaychelo-Yaoychelo

dont eat me

.: OMG :. by ~Ytse80

omg orange

You’re Toast. by ~cake-monsterr

toast is toast

stickman3 by *jfphotography

stickman humor


stickman 2 humor photography

Come Play by ~know-way-out

come play feet

F–king Computer by ~cubemb

fucking computer box

run awaaaaaay by ~Horace-Bulregard

run away eraser

Little perv by =Dream-traveler

little perv

Parallels by *Chris-Lamprianidis

parallels girl

ohai by ~addictedImage

ohai girl

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  1. valentines day presents says:

    wow..Awesome collection.The first photo looked funniest for me. Falling and made me smile.Thanks for sharing such a nice creativity within us….

  2. Ali says:

    gr8 collection all of them were really creatively taken!!!

  3. catali1205 says:

    HOT! I will share this with my friends.Aloha!

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      thank u :)

  4. Kaa says:

    are very interesting.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Nice photos! I particularly like the oranges and apples.

  6. Dany Vilela says:

    Funny! Thanks for sharing!

    I also recommand:


  7. aledesign.it says:

    Incredible collection! So amazing! Fantastic ideas!!

  8. wien says:

    lol, nice post, thanks

  9. Dips says:

    Really awesome and nice specially on fruit arts is amazing

  10. Amit says:

    :) vry nice and very creative…the marshmallows are brilliantly capture..combination of food photography & humor photography ;) ..

  11. Indianapolis Wedding Cakes says:

    HAHA! I love that wedding cake topper! It is sooo the truth for some weddings. I have certainly met my fair share of brides that have their man on a short leash! Great images, very funny stuff!

  12. r4y says:

    awesome…awesome…awesome ^_^

  13. Hermitbiker says:

    …. thanks for the archived posts…. these are fabulous and very imaginative too…. I like !! :)

  14. John Media @ dedicated hosting says:

    Great collection of Images these is really refreshing after some whole day of work. Thanks for these post made me OMG and LOL after seeing those pics ^^,

  15. Eco friendly products says:

    I love that wedding cake topper! It is sooo the truth for some weddings. I have certainly met my fair share of brides that have their man on a short leash! Great images, very funny stuff!

  16. Humorist says:

    Very funny and creatively! Thanx! :)

  17. Joey Cosi says:

    LOL! Nice compilation you got here! Particularly liked the cola wars picture

  18. Las Vegas Web Design Company says:

    Very creative and interesting:)

  19. andrew says:

    the F-King computer is funniest :D

  20. shapewear says:

    Very nice compilation. This made my day, haha. And that wedding cake topper owns, such a true ad sad ending to a happy marriage.

  21. Dave The Shoulder Monkey says:

    These are indeed well thought of photos. I enjoyed watching each and every one of it. Thanks for sharing. More to come please.

  22. Roberts Cottages 20 says:

    I love that wedding cake topper! It is so the truth for some weddings. Great collection of Images.

  23. 2010 Audi A6 Parts says:

    Wonderful images. Each image has it’s own deep meaning. It’s my hobby to collect natural pictures which say something. I loved your collection.

  24. ford bronco parts says:

    I loved that wedding cake topper! Great images, very nice and amazing stuff!

  25. James@DC Wedding Photographer says:

    These pictures are hilarious. Love em!

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