50 HD Quotes and Typography Wallpapers


These typography wallpapers are not only for designers but writers, calligraphers, artists and all kinds of creative people, whichever field they maybe working in.

These wallpapers include one word wallpapers, quote wallpapers and some wallpapers only designers can understand.

We all love good quotes on our desktop background, don’t we? My desktop background says “The Clever Idiot” (included in this list).

But just a quote is not enough for us designers… we need something wowing! We need a quote accompanied with a brilliant design.

So today I got for you some well designed typography wallpapers i.e. text based designing. I’m sure you’ll love most of them, if not all.

And before I forget, wallpapers do affect (though just a little bit) your system’s performance/speed. So make sure you don’t use a very large image on the background. Lower the size is, the better.

Typography Wallpapers

To get the full size image, just click the title/name of your desired wallpaper.


An artwork made on the word “artist”.

amazing typography wallpapers

Typography of the word “Life”

What are the ingredients that cook up life? This life wallpaper tells the recipe.

amazing wallpapers of typography

Hire a DOG

All of workers can understand this very well.

typography wallpapers with quotes

The philosophy wallpaper

Quote wallpapers can sometimes reveal great mysteries. This is one of those typography wallpapers.

amazing typography wallpapers for everyone


A person is only as wise as deep he is.

amazing HDwallpapers collection

Music Typography

Music is what feelings sound like.

high resoolution wallpapers collection


“How would war solve problems… war is problem.”

amazing wide wallpapers collections

White on black

Yes, you are!

great collection typography wallpapers

Spy Who Loved Me Typography

Are you a James Bond fan? If you are, this one has to be one of your most favorite films.

adorable typography wallpapers collection

Typography Wallpaper

Don’t’ think, just do it! A motivational typography wallpaper.

amazing typography wallpapers collections

Typography Desktop

One for designers.

great collection of typography wallpapers

Let it Roll

Let it roll and just go with it.

amazing typographic wallpapers for everyone

Gummy Splatty

Did you check our tutorial that creates typography just like this one.

typography wallpapers download

Stay Fresh

Oh how I wise we had a refresh button for real life.

fresh typography wallpapers for everyone

ABC wallpaper pack


amazing typo HD wallpapers

In love with typography

amazing wallpapers collection of typography

Color typography

amazing typography wallpapers collcetion


amazing typography wallpapers collections

Do Your Work

amazing wallpapers for everyone

Love Typography

collection of high resolution wallpapers

Monster Energy Typography Wall

awesome wallpapers collections free

Typography of a Pinkie Pie

great collection of typographic wallpapers

Typography Wallpaper

typography wallpapers collections


amazing typographic wallpapers collection

i love typography

wide collection of typographic collection

Cool Wallpaper

fresh collection of typographic wallpapers

Colors Typography Wallpaper

typography wallpapers for everyone

E N T H U S I A S M is the keyword for life

awesome typography wallpapers collection

The beauty in numbers

amazing wallpapers collection for everyone

Think Again

think again wallpapers

Typography Lives on Contrast

awesome wallpapers collection

The truth about designers

amazing typography wallpapers

You are a Maestro!

HD amazing wallpapers collection

What No Room

amazing wallpapers collection for everyone

Abstract Playground

abstract typography wallpapers

Sunday For Holiday

color full typograohy wallpapers collection

The Clever ‘Idiot’ wallpaper

amazing typography wallpapers

Have Fun

awesome typographic wallpapers collection

Design Noir Edition

Amazing typography wallpapers collection

Be Professional

amazing HD typography wallpapers

Define Art

artistic typography wallpapeprs

It’s OK wallpaper

HD typography wallapapers collection


top 50 typography HD wallpapers


great typography HD wallpapers collection

Start Simple

HD simple typography wallpapers collection


amazing and minimalistic typographic wallpapers

Wallpaper Typography

amazing typography HD wallpapers collection

Typography Design

awesome typographic design wallapers

Do Something

amazing wallpapers collection

Too lazy to post

shit wallpapers for everyone

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