30 Amazing Celebrity & Models Pencil Sketches


30 Amazing Celebrity and Model Pencil Sketches

These are some of the most amazing and well sketched models and celebrities i have ever seen!

Their features are very much accurate, like it is a photograph and not a sketch!

All these are my top favroties , and have added ten from the older post about 10 celebrity sketching.

I really like sketching and want to share my favorites with you guys.

Beauty in Simplicity by ~Snow-Owl

anjelina jolie sketch

Dance Spirit


angelina jolie pencil sketch

Rum lover by =nabey


captain jack sparrow sketch

From Yesterday


Jared Leto sketch


pretty boy sketches

Here comes the King

lunidus king sketch 300



emotion girl eye sketch

Was it a Dream

jared leto sketches


katie holmes sketch




Gabriel audry sketch

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


tiffany sketch

If Only…


anime guy sketch

Scofield, Michael by ~Narya13


scofield Michael Sketch

Angelica by ~niimsz


angelica sketch

Scarlett Johansson -CK Ad-

scarlett johanson pencil sketch

The Greek God by ~Visumveri


greed god sketch

Nameless by *iizzard

nameless sketch

Friends by ~nobodysghost


Friends Sketch

Ben Barnes – Prince Caspian W2 by *Svera

ben barnes prince caspian sketch

Half of you_Christina Aguilera by ~Esteljf


christina aguliera sketch

Sir Sean Connery by ~theangryfish


Sean Connery Pencil Sketch

Captain Jack Sparrow by ~AndyBuck

Captain jack Sparrow pencil sketch



keria knightley pencil sketch

Sybilla by ~pbozproduction


sybilla pencil sketch

Jennifer Love Hewitt by ~Tanya-B

Jennifer Love Hewit Sketch

Liv Tyler by ~theangryfish


liv tyler sketch

Madonna by =akaLilith


madonna sketch

Natalie Portman by ~xialaceleste


natalie portman sketch

Kate Winslet by ~Lorelai82


kate winslet sketch

lamb by ~czornyy


lamb sketch


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