80 Most Beautiful Tree Pictures from Around the World


Trees are an essential part of nature, and if you appreciate nature you’ll be wowed by pictures and photos of beautiful trees.

I’m not quite sure what it is but I’m drawn to trees. Something about their shape, majesty, intricacy and symbolism awe me and I just want to look at tree photos all day long. Trees are simple yet chic, and they have a certain mystic aura about them that leaves you mesmerized.

So, it’s no surprise that they are very photographic. You can take different pictures of a particular tree in different seasons and get a wonderful collection of beautiful tree pictures.

This article is a collection of the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful trees around the world.

Quite possibly, this is the best compilation of most beautiful tree photography post I have ever made. This collection contains special effect based photography such as HDR and infrared photography, but most of them are just plain clicks. It’s the beauty of nature that I wanted to share here, not mastery of photography.

The post also contains trees from all seasons. You will find pictures from the winter when snow forms icicles and give them a harsh mythical look, pictures from autumn when the trees turn gold and cast a gloom all over, there are also pictures of summer when trees give shelter from the stroke of weather… and of course you will also find beautiful pictures of spring when these trees get refreshed.

Beautiful Tree Pictures from Around the World

Nature is really beautiful, and trees, an integral part of nature, are proof of the incredible majesty that our world has to offer. Take some time to reconnect with nature and gaze at some of its wonders- in the form of trees.  You will be surprised at what you’ll discover.

This post is solely for inspiration and aspiration of photographers (and everybody else). One intention I had for creating this post is that I love trees and I want everybody to respect them and try to plant them as many as they can. You don’t have to agree with me, but I believe trees are very important to our world.

In this article, you’ll find

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Beautiful Photos of Trees at Sunset


It’s really hard to say when trees look the most beautiful. It’s a tight debate between sunrise and sunset, and no matter what side you choose, you’ll agree that trees look fabulous during sunset.

Sunsets are generally breathtaking, and with a combination of beautiful trees the feeling the view invokes is indescribable. It’s no wonder people sit out just to enjoy this spectacle.

Here is a compilation of beautiful photos of trees at sunset.

Did You Hear Her Whisper?

Did you hear her whisper

Still Standing

still standing

To Be Alive

To be alive

Tree Of Light

tree of light

Breaking Out

sun and the tree

Incandescent red

Orange evening


tree casting a long shadow

The Clearing

A clearing in the trees

Seasons gone

Dead tree in a beautiful valley

The Heart of Trees 

sunset and tree

Sunset with Trees 

sunset tree and reflection

Sunset in the Trees 

sunet and tree photography

Red sunset 

trees photos

Spirit Trees 

tree reflection in sea

Peace and Quiet

Sad and alone

Falling Trees 

sunset and tree photography

Stunning Photos of Trees During Summer

Between the summer months of June to August, trees take up a stunning appearance. This is because they bud, sprout, and grow fruits during this period. They’re lush, full and green. Everything is bright and resplendent, creating a vivid exciting atmosphere.

Throw in a ray of sun in the photo and everything becomes eerie, in a cool amazing way.

Here are some stunning photos of trees during summer.

Oak Sunshine

oaks are beautiful trees


The shadow maker

In one of these days

a beautiful tree in autumn


A green happy tree

The Lost Pyramid

tree in front of a pyramid

Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus

pulvis tree

Symphony of Light

light coming from within the trees

My Mind

A beautiful tree


gree ground and green tree


under the clouds

A tree reflected in the sky

tree reflections in water

Brand New Day

new day

welcome to ….fairy…tale…

beautiful trees out of a fairytale

Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasure

No Forest For Black Trees 

black tree photography

Round Trees 

circular tree photography

Trees and more Trees 

trees photography

White Trees 

white tree photo

Blood Tree 

blood tree picture

Old Trees and New Trees 

old trees and new trees

Enthralling Photos of Trees in Autumn

Autumn is the time when trees shed their leaves, in preparation for the cold weather. In this moment they appear very different from how they used to. They change their colors this time and shed their leaves as well.

Here, I’ve gathered some beautiful photos of trees in autumn which are mesmerizing.

red tree

A tree with red leaves


HDR photos of beautiful trees

Dream On

pink trees

His Own Life

A beautiful white tree

Autumn Morning

Autumn morning

Under red trees


Time Machine

HDR photo of a beautiful tree

free to decide

daring to be different

Eden I

eden trees

Timeless Giant Beautiful Trees

Timeless giant tree

Autumn tree

spreading tree potography

Tree in autumn

red tree photography

Inspiring Pictures of Trees in Winter

Winter is the time that tree form and structure take center stage, and a whole new level of interest can be gained. This time they paint a serene tranquil atmosphere. In place of the leaves they’ve shed you see tapering ice cubes and everything is so peaceful.

It makes you wanna gaze all day long.

Lost Paradise

Lost paradise

Do You Need a Blanket?

giant long tree

Frozen Lake, Trees and a Hill 

frozen lake tree and hill

A Secret Life Of Ghost Trees.. 

ghost secret tree photography

Urban Ghost Trees Redux 

trees redux photography

Snow Covered Tree 

snow covered tree

They Need Us…

black and white tree photography


in deep snow

Ice Tree

icicles emerge

Infrared Path to Cotton Candy

infrared tree

Miscellaneous Photos of Trees

This is a collection of trees in no particular order. Nevertheless, they make an eye-catching spectacle. These photos are taken with the utmost care. As a result they are inspiring and beautiful. They’ll speak directly to you if you take a moment or two to settle down and really observe them.

Giant Trees

pair of tree

Either Side Of The Sun

Either side of the Sun


one of the coolest tree pictures

Night Vision

Tree in blue night


A tree in the fog

Foggy morning

trees in the jungle in myst

Bois de la Chaise 2

ghostly trees

Embrace of the

The ugly tree


My time has past

Relax (infrared)

Infrared tree picture

a New Perspective

a new perspective

Delusion Of Divine

devine trees

A beautiful day

A beautiful day

Trees in Mist 

trees in mist

Tormented Tree

tormented tree

Climate Change & Air Quality Focus of Funding


Giant Trees

bending tree photography

Beautiful HDR Trees

High Dynamic Range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods.

This wider dynamic range allows HDR images to more accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight. (Wikipedia)

HDR Photography is always beautiful but when it come to Trees it gets even better. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


gloom hdr tree photography

Monas 1 

pine tree picture

Pink Trees HDR 

HDR cherry tree pictures

Tineretului HDR 01 

tineretului tree photo


beach tree picture hdr

Fence HDR 

hdr landscape tree pictures

Sun behind trees version 2 

Sun behind trees photo

the stormy cherry tree 

cherry tree hdr photography

Thoughts Of You 

Green Tree image


Huge Autumn Tree photo

Shadows and tall trees 2 

tall trees shadows

Springtime Warmth II 

spring tree hdr photography

Rippled Mirror 

trees water reflection

New Day HDR 

new day dawn trees

Half Tree HDR 

half tree

Medical Science says that trees are a guarantee of blessing for our health. I believe in this faith, not only because of medical science recommendation but its fascinating beauty. It is the symbol of life.

So we dedicate this post, and all the pictures therein, to trees and life itself.

Tree Photography Tips

Before I leave you, I’d like to share some tips about taking beautiful tree photos. Or wouldn’t you like to know how you can take such beautiful pictures? Here are the secrets:

  1. Foreground: this is the most crucial element in tree photography. What makes a tree beautiful is its place in the surroundings. Make sure you include sufficient amount of foreground, not just the background and your photo will look much better.
  2. Roots: These are important. They can add a lot of expression in your image. Always take a look at the roots of the tree and decide if they should be added in the image. Sometimes it is enough to take pictures of the roots alone.
  3. Bark: set your focus on the bark, if you focus leaves and/or flowers but not the bark, your image will never look good.
  4. Scale objects: you can include a person or anything else to show the scale of a tree. However, scaling is not always necessary. You’ll need to make a decision of whether you need the scale depending on the size and structure of your tree.
  5. Get high: I mean it in the literal meaning. Get on a higher plane so that you could be at the height of your focal object.
  6. Timing: some trees look best in bright sunshine, some look good during the twilight hour. You need to find the best time to click your tree, so you should visit your tree in different times of the day to find the best light settings.
  7. Experiment: we have the power of digital photography, we don’t have to care about films and their development anymore… so why not experiment with angles, distances, POVs and everything else. You should. YOU MUST.

Idea: If the tree you are clicking is approachable and you can keep visiting it, how about a timelapse photo. Take a photo from the same place in different seasons.

In addition, here’s a video sharing tips taking photos of trees.

And, that’s it for now. If you liked this collection, don’t forget to share it, and also check out this posts showcasing of spring pictures. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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