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A Complete Guide to Using SVG in Web Design

By Ayaz Malik | November 18, 2014

The term SVG has been creating hype for quite some time now. All of the design industry is getting rather crazy to use SVG everywhere… but do you really know what SVG is? Of course you would know that it is a resolutio...

Vertical Slide Hover Effect for Menu Bars with CSS3

By Ayaz Malik | July 15, 2014

A hover effect is the transition that takes place when you move your pointer over a menu bar item. Such hover effects can be used anywhere but mostly they are used for navigation bars and other kinds of menus. There are ...

30 Photoshop CC Tutorials for Designers

By Ayaz Malik | June 16, 2014

As you know, Adobe went cloud a few months earlier. They did it to combat software piracy, as well as provided economical services to the users. Photoshop CC is contains features of both, standard and extended versions. ...

20 Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6 Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | June 11, 2014

Illustrator is one of the most admired and used programs of Adobe, especially for vector graphics. It is so flexible that sometimes it is used for the web designing as well. Adobe Illustrator provides various kinds of up...

Perspective Shadow Effect using CSS3

By Ayaz Malik | November 17, 2013

Perspective shadow is a normal shadow but tilted in one direction. This defines the light source at an angular direction hence the effect gives a 3D kind of a look. What I did in this tutorial is I placed the shadow on t...

Create an Exploding Menu using Pure CSS3

By Ayaz Malik | November 16, 2013

This is a pretty cool menu effect. I mean it looks incredible yet it just might not be very useful. In here, the whole navigation bar explodes if you click a button. Such a thing can make a website memorable, but corpora...

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