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What is Kinetic Typography and How to Create it

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Have you ever watched a video that contained just text but looked insanely cool? Yeah, that was Kinetic Typography! Motion typography or kinetic typography creates an eye-gripping video and that’s why it has really...

60 Fresh 3ds Max Tutorials

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Here we gathered today Fresh 3Ds Max Tutorials Most of these tutorials are over hot, very recently made but some are a little older. The older ones are included for their extra ordinary results. Since this is a big colle...

Creating a Blast Effect Animation in 3ds Max

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Things have been static at Designzzz for 2 years now; so today, let’s make them a little more dynamic. We’ll create a Video Animation effect in 3D Max or 3D Studio Max. This is the ideal tutorial if you are a beginne...

How to Create a Deserted Landscape in 3ds Max

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This is a tutorial for creating a landscape in 3ds max. I chose the theme “deserted” but with a bit of tweaking, you can create absolutely any landscape in 3ds max. One thing I noticed after creating this tut...

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