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10 Beautiful Flat Design Google Typefaces

By Ayaz Malik | August 14, 2014

One of the many interesting things of note about flat design is the way fonts help beautify the design and send information to the viewer. And because the flat design website are anchored so much in color combination and...

60 Fantastic Fancy Fonts for Download

By Ayaz Malik | December 16, 2013

Fancy fonts are the fonts that help you design graphics with regal touch. These fancy fonts can come handy while designing vintage themed graphics, royal style graphics or just classy looking typography based designs. As...

20 Most Stylish Thin Fonts

By Ayaz Malik | November 29, 2013

Time for some free fonts on Designzzz again. Today we are sharing a collection of slim and thin fonts. You have probably heard this saying from the fashion world that “the slimmer a model is, the higher she is paid...

68 Letter Fonts for Typographic Designs

By Ayaz Malik | November 20, 2013

These are letter fonts that focus on individual letters rather than the whole text. They are incredibly stylish and they empower the designer to create amazing typographic designs. This collection includes fonts for crea...

60 Finest Script Fonts

By Ayaz Malik | November 5, 2013

Script fonts are a niche of handwriting fonts. Script fonts add that personal touch that sometimes light up the whole design. Today, we are sharing fonts that include calligraphic fonts, paint brush fonts, cursive fonts ...

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