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37 Exceptional Examples of European Street Art

By Ayaz Malik | November 4, 2014

Europe is the real home of street art and modern art. But do you know that almost each European country has its own distinct flavors in street art? France is quite political. The graffiti and quotes you see in street art...

80 Genius Design Quotes and Sayings

By Ayaz Malik | October 30, 2014

Design quotes can relate to motivation, creativity and inspiration. Design quotes can be any wise words related to this artistic field. These are the images that were shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. There we...

Funny: Fat Cat Recreates Art Masterpieces

By Ayaz Malik | October 7, 2014

Famous old, traditional art paintings get a makeover with fat cat Zarathustra. Most of our readers like traditional art, that’s the reason we keep sharing art related posts from time to time. We also know that cats...

20 Creatively Controversial Print Advertisements

By Ayaz Malik | September 22, 2014

We publish advertisement related posts from time to time. Our humorous advertisements are liked by everybody. But today I have a rather harsh post to share. This is not for everybody, this is not for sensitive people. Ev...

21 Best Tattoo Ideas to Cover Up Old Tattoos

By Ayaz Malik | September 18, 2014

Do you like tattoos? We often publish tattoo ideas but they are all tattoos to be applied when the skin underneath is spotless. But we all know that sometimes we make a mistake in choosing a tattoo. A change of heart, be...

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