20 Cool Character Based Logo Designs


Having a character makes a lot of impression for the mother company. For example, Designzzz has a squid like character. This is something I designed on a picnic with my colleagues. It still needs a bit of perfection, but I insisted to make it live right now because we didn’t have a character before. So today I decided to give you guys some inspiration for creating character based logo designs.

Coming back to today’s post, having a character, or should I say mascot is relatively a modern trend in logos. Today’s logo designers are focusing on it, there are many reasons for that. For example, they can earn more on a character based logo than a routine one. Another point is that clients prefer an average character based logo over a good routine logo design. Clients love character based logos.

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Even though clients pay more for a character based logo designs, but they are not suitable for every situation. For business sector, where documents have to be faxed/xeroxed on routine basis, there the best choice would always be a sketch work/typographic logo.

Logo Designs Gallery

To view any of these logos in large size, just click the title.


character based logos inspiration

Cathy’s Critter

character based logos for inspiration

Beer Spectacles

creative character based logos


amazing creative chracter logos


cat character logos for designers


character based logos

Whale + Dog

awesome character based logos collection

Gyrene Gazette

character based logos for inspiration

waze logo

character based logos for inspiration


awesome character based logos

Plumbing Logo

logos for inspiration

The Band Geeks

great character based logos

Sushi Mascot

amazing character based logos


amazing character based logos



creative logos for inspiration

Ms. Behave & Mr. Lucky

awesome logos for inspiration


awesome character based logos for inspiration

Buhl Brothers

amazing character based logos for inspiraton

Monster Wear

adorable character based logos for inspiration

Tasty milk

adorable character based logos for inspiration


amazing chef character based logos


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Published on: November 10, 2012,

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