Color Psychology – 7 Examples of Color Effects


Color Psychology – 7 Examples of Color Effects

Colors are a natural part of our lives. They can give pleasure, they can cause horror, they can make you feel pretty much anything.

We’re going to investigate several basic colors to see what effect they might have on human psychology.

It also a useful article if you are a designer to better understand how to use colors in your work.

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Color No.1 – Red

red color

It is not a chance that Nazis and Communists used red for the background of their flags. This color stimulates our emotions, evokes danger, it screams for attention.

Hint – Red is also a color of love and excitement.

Color No.2 – Green


Look out of your window and it’s almost certain you’ll see something green. It’s a color of life (literally, see photosynthesis). Green also stands for healing, stress relief or a symbol of fertility.

Hint – Green improves your reading abilities.

Color No.3 – Blue

blue color

If red makes us wild, blue is used to calm us down. Just imagine a wide blue sky with no clouds and you’ll instantly feel better. Additionally, blue evokes optimism, productivity – but also sadness.

Hint – Blue represents men (it’s the opposite to pink and ladies).

Color No.4 – Cyan


It’s a lighter variation of blue, thus it brings similar emotions, but more positive – happiness, wisdom or loyalty. Also large areas of water like seas are cyan.

Hint – I.e., cyan is a more distinctive version of blue, ideal for a team color in sports.

Color No.5 – Magenta


Also known as Fuschia, Magenta is a mixture of red and purple. It’s been traditionally used for royal courts and heraldry. Magenta stands for strength, attention and governing.

Hint – Use this color to stand out of the crowd.

Color No.6 – Yellow


We could call yellow a more moderate version of red. It also happens to stimulate our emotions, create an aura of optimism and a brighter future. On the other hand, too much yellow causes anger and frustration.

Hint – Don’t put your newborns in yellow rooms or they won’t stop crying.

Color No.7 – Black


We live half of our lives in black – every day when the night comes, black comes too. While not reflecting any light headed towards it, black represents evil, death, authority or secrecy.

Hint – Black clothes make you look thinner.

Thank you for reading!

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  10. Dawn Michelle Stevens March 10, 2012 at 10:44 am

    I have a graphics designer creating a “branding” for me in real estate. She is putting together a sign, bus card etc. with black on one side and magenta/fuschia on the other for my buz card and we would laminate it ; do you think bringing that color into a sign, buz card is too out there for real estate?……..I am vibrant, energetic, over the top and quite glammy, will be in the top 10% of RE/MAX this year………….some say it is very me. She is adding a simple sketched in orchid.
    My original colors were black with a “dawn” sunrise playing on slogan “Here for you from Dusk til Dawn” and she said Dawn when I look at you………..I don’t think this card matches you……..would appreciate your input.
    I am considering using her colors the black and magenta on the card, wold still like to have a sunrise pic with those colors, do you have any photos available like that to purchase?
    Looking forward to your input.
    Thank you Dawn

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