Basic Tutorial for Creating 3D Objects in Photoshop

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how to make 3d in photoshop

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Create a new file with white background of 600 x 600 dimension.

From shapes select sun shape and create it in the center of the page.


for Beginners

photoshop tutorial

Now press F7 to activate the layers panel and right click on it and select rasterize layer.

Photoshop 3d tutorial

Select the sun center with elliptical marquee tool and press delete.

beginner level tutorial

Now take another shape named floral ornament and create it in the center of sun and rasterize this layer too.

photoshop tutorial

Now select the both layers and merge them down.

3d photoshop tutorial

Reshape the image by holding down the CTRL button down like shown in the image.

photoshop tutorial

Click on Image Menu > adjustment and desaturate.

photoshop 3d effects

Now open filter menu, click Stylize and select emboss.

3d tutorial

You will have to adjust parameters as shown and click ok.

photoshop 3d designing

Now hold down ALT button and press up arrow repeatedly until you get the required 3d height.

photoshop design tutorial

Now you will see lot of layers in layer panel. Select top most layer double click it to access layers style and select gradient overlay and select any of your favorite one.

Select all the layers except top one and merge them by right clicking on them.

photoshop 3d designs tutorial


Hold down CTRL button and click on merged layer to select its border outside and insert a new layer.


Set color to dark brown as shown in the image.

photoshop tutorial

Now select paint bucket tool and fill it in the selection.

photoshop designing

Select all three layer except the white background layer and merge them.

photoshop tutorial

Hold ALT and move the shape to copy it above it.

photoshop tutorials

Create a new layer select with rectangle marquee and fill it with gradient.

photoshop tutorial

Select the 2nd shape layer and decrease its opacity to 30%.

photoshop tutorial

At the very end, I have created the “Designzzz” text using the same procedure. I should also confess that I changed the gradient color of the object in the end.

how to make 3d in photoshop

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    very usefull tutorial thanks

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