Creating a Colorful Vector Based Photo Manipulation in Photoshop


Vector Based Photo Manipulation: Traveler’s Soul

Another Monday, another tutorial. Today I’m making vector based photo manipulation using some basic tools and commands in Photoshop.

Today, what we’ll learn is to stick with a theme. Sticking with the concept theme is very crucial in high-class designing. We have theme of travel (and fun, because traveling is fun), so we’ll add the elements, tone the graphic and colorize it keeping this theme in mind. I believe it will be a great inspiration for all of you.

This article is a little lengthy but I promise you will not be bored.

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Sources Used

Eiffel Tower

Liberty Tower


Clock tower

Pica tower




Musical Notes Brushes



Final Result

Free photoshop cs5 tutorial


Let’s begin, first of all, let’s set the ground. I grabbed a patch of bright looking grass and just placed it here. It is important that this grass MUST not look dull, otherwise the graphic will lose all its shine.

Designzzz free photomanipulation tutorials

Now what’s the use of grass if there’s no sky. Let’s make the sky. Here I’m going to apply the Gradient on the background.

designzzz free photoshop tutorials

Here is the gradient in a separate layer behind the grass layer. Looks cool! right!

designzzz photomanipulation tutorial

Setting the Environment

Travel means fun and adventure. Adventure translates into mist. We can easily add mist through clouds.

Here I spill some cloud PNGs’. (The link backs to these stock images are provided in the start of the article).

designzzz free photoshop tutorials

And another one. We are adding every single bit in a new layer. A new layer always, that’s essential in Photoshop Designing.

free photomanipulation tutorial

And some more, after that the scene is complete.

designzzz photomanipulation tutorial


If we are making something related to travel, we need travel destinations. So let’s add some famous tourist destinations of the world. I started with the Eiffel Tower, removed its background and put it in the scene. But here’s a catch, since traveling is fun, we need to add a little fun in the graphic. How can we do that??? hmmm….. With a little twist of rotating the tower clockwise.

designzzz fantasy photomanipulation tutorial

Big Ben, rotated as well.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Leaning Tower of Pisa. Don’t rotate this tower, architect has done that already. 🙂

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

And now my favorite, The Colosseum. Its gigantic structure in the middle of the picture adds mightiness and adventure.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Let’s add a few more clouds for adding the mist.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

The Girl

My favorite part of the job where I manipulate girls photos, lol 🙂

I just grabbed a photo from stock and placed her on the grassed. She is our tourist.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Marquee select the tourist by Striking the CTRL+Click on the thumbnail of the relevant Tourist Layer.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Make a new blank layer and fill the selection with solid black color.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

This black color becomes the Girl’s Shadow.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Here I Select the shadow layer and apply the the Gaussian Blur  filter with these values , Filer>Blur>Gaussian Blur

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Shadow is not visible here but it will be in the final result, so don’t be distracted.

Here I through in a tourist cycle in the scene and set the Perspective. This perspective will give the cycle a ‘standing position’ look.


fantasy photoshop travelling photomanipulation tutorial


Here I add a Custom Shape and Warp this with the Help of Warp Tool.

Now I’m transforming it.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

A little bevel.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Here I Copy the custom Shape and the paste it right behind the Foot of our model…. I meant the tourist.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Meanwhile, I thought a compass will look great somewhere in the image, so I added it.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

I drew a curve With the Help of Pen Tool.

vector fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Bevel again.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Here’s the result.

fantasy photoshop vector  tutorial

Travel is fun right, so is Music. Here I select a Brush of musical notes with these Settings of the Brush

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Hey, hot air balloons will look cool. Let’s add them. (We’ll see the brush stroke result in just a bit)

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Here I Make another Curve for the making the thread. I made a path and using the command of Stroke Path we got our shape. Why do we need a thread, you’ll know very soon, I like to keep suspense. 🙂


fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

We needed the thread for this little red balloon. You can also see the musical notes brush in action.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Made another curve.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Applied this gradient.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Here’s something tricky. I made selection of the curve, then Applied these settings for making a Dotted Stroke, After applying these setting take a New layer and filled it with the white color then apply these setting and Delete the Inner white part of the layer. Now you got only the white stroke. Then Select the Erase Tool and Erase the Stroke like the pattern of Dotted line.

designzzz vector manipulation tutorial

The arrows in this picture point towards the result of previous step.

vector travelling manipulation

Here I make another Brush Stroke with these settings.

Free fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

And Apply the Gaussian Blur effect on the Music Knot.

fantasy photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Got The Final Destination

You can see the result of our previous step in the bottom left corner.

Free photoshop cs5 tutorial

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