Electrifying Examples of Human Photo Manipulations


Electrifying Examples Human Photo Manipulations

I have gathered amazing master pieces of Human Photo Manipulations done by very very talented digital artists from different sites.

Combining images and manipulating it to make one different image or scene is different, but mixing effects and images with Human photography requires great talent.

Below are some amazing examples. Hope you enjoy them :)

STAND UP AND DANCE by *Martinovich

fire dance photo manipulation

Poetry In Motion by ~Msch

dance photo manipulation

Awake Again_01 by ~D-Guru

awake again photo manipulation

rnb – Silent Rush by ~SmoothSqu4d

guy human photo manipulation

STARDUST by ~fee1

human photo manipulation dust

From Creativefan.com

kid human photo manipulation

Reawakening by ~mOsk

human photo manipulation

Freedom by ~rgquarkup

free photomanipulation

Blazing Blue by *OutlawRave

blue human photo manip

Krump It by ~craZy18gurl

human photo manipulation amazing

Electric Feel by =An1ken

Electric feel photo manipulation

heart breaker by *Modernarsonist

heart breaker photo manip

Falling Through Time by ~Brolando

falling photo manipulation

Passion for Dance by ~Greenbeard

passion photo manipulation

Bangkit by ~helick

bangkit human photo manipulation

electric by ~priesteres

electric human photo manipulation

Zenit by ~Manumora

human photomanipulation

Lodz2012 3_3 by ~mOsk

rapper photo manipulation

Jump Effect by ~angelkoh11

jump effect photo manipulation

RAPE by ~fee1

rape photo manipultion

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  1. Joe says:


  2. Calem Bendell says:

    Thanks so much for finding these! They’re amazing. Especially Krumpit.

  3. Hermitbiker says:

    …. amazing photo-manipulations featuring the human body…. awesome imagination of the artist photographers !! :)

  4. Chantelle Ccolours says:

    WHOA… these are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Thanks for posting such a cool collection :)

  5. Wally says:

    If I see one more breaking in little pieces,splatter/smokey/glowing light beams image I am going to scream.

  6. Goran says:

    Nice one!!!

  7. maik says:

    awesome, really i like your style

  8. krish says:

    these works r upto madness ,simply amazing

  9. Wally says:

    aside from my first comment..

    nicely done!

  10. Rosey says:

    these are incredible ! enjoyed looking through your work :)

  11. EJ says:

    Great body of style, work and talent. I enjoyed very much.

  12. march23191 says:


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