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If you are in the designing business, the chances are that you’ve already been familiarized with Filter Forge.
This is a ground breaking Photoshop plugins (and standalone applications) series which provide photo effect plugins for photographers, designers and graphic artists.

The thing that makes Filter Forge a great premium resource is its 9231 ready-to-use effects and textures. All these can be acquired through the free online library.
But it’s not just a premium resource, you can download a 30 days fully functional trial version absolutely free.

This plugin is a mighty time and effort saver. Now let’s get to know it a little better.

The versatile Photoshop plugin suits both, novice and seasoned users.  This vital tool carries a wide range of users including photographers, web designers, 3d modelers and other graphic artists.You can also create your own filters in the visual filter editor by assembling them from components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, noises, distortions, or blends.

How does Filter Forge work?

To say, it is ordinary Photoshop plugin but with extraordinary features. To start working with it, all you have to do is run the .exe file and it’ll install and include itself into your Photoshop’s Filter menu.

Another good thing is that you can use this software even if you don’t have Photoshop. It works as an individual (standalone) application as well.

We recommend that you should try this plugin at least once, if you don’t like it… well, there’s nothing to lose!

Current Offer

Filter Forge offer

This probably is the best ever time to buy this product. Filter forge is offering a gigantic discount on all of its products.

  • Basic Edition: Ideal for people who want quick results now. The Basic edition cannot create filters, but you have all 9231 user-created filters at your disposal – at $44, that’s just $0 per filter! Discounted Price = $44
  • Standard Edition: Best value for money – you save money and get everything except specialist features such as 16- and 32-bit image modes, large resolutions and bump/normal maps. Discounted Price = $74
  • Professional Edition: Filter Forge in all its glory – high-precision imagery, ultra-large bitmaps up to 65000×65000 pixels, bump and normal maps, and an unlimited number of CPU cores. Discounted Price = $119

And once again, I should emphasize that you should try this product, if you do like it, buy it immediately because such a discount may never ever be found.


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