25 Creepiest Fonts For Horror Effect


This is a collection of free old gothic and horror type creepy fonts. Desirae Montano requested on our Facebook page. She commented on my previous font collection of Free Minimalist and Modern Fonts. This creepy and horror idea was hers…. I mean creepy and horror fonts.

As usual, our members can download all these fonts in a single zip file, and our visitors can download each font separately by reaching the source, and they can do that by clicking on the title of the font.

One more thing, the brush strokes you see in the background all images are absolutely amazing, marvelous and breathtaking. I’m praising them so much because I designed them myself. You can download them from Designzzz Brush Pack #2 Hi-Res Paint And Blood Brushes.

Update: We published a collection of freeΒ Blood Fonts.

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Free Horror Fonts


Free valium Font

Kreepy Krawly

Free Kreepy Krawly Font


Free incatation Font

Cold Night for Alligators

Free cold night for Alligator Font


Free creepsville Font

Jellyka Vampire Street

Free Jellyka Vampire Street fONT

Ghastly Panic

Free Ghastley panic font

You Murderer

Free Horror Font


Free Creepy Girl Font

Wooden Casket

Free Wooden Casket Font

Zombie Holocaust

Free Zombie Holocaust font


Free Nyctophobia Font


Free Necropsy Font

Morgus the Magnificent

Free Morgus the Magnificent Font


Free Monsterchild Font


Free Arvigo Font

Swamp Thing

Free Swamp Thing Font


Free Gothical Font


Free Cretino Font

Northwood High

Free Northwood High Font

Blood Omen

Free Blood Omen Font


Free Creepy Font




Free Nosferotica Font

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