31 Free Photoshop Layer Styles for Designers


Today I’m sharing another of these resources which have never been shared before – Adobe Photoshop Layer Styles. These layer styles can be mighty helpful when it comes to web design, but should not regret their significance in print media designing as well.

Many free resources have been shared recently which have never been shared before on Designzzz. These resources included:

Below is the method of adding these layer styles in your Photoshop, and following that is the collection of layer styles.

Download All Layer Styles

You can download each layer style by clicking the style name and  reaching their original sources or you can download all of them together using the download button below

Download this Freebie

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Step 1

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Step 2

Tutorials for Layer Effects

That’s it. Your Photoshop is now Loaded…

styles by ar-cool

Photoshop Downloads

Lambda Glow Styles by kjherstin

free download

Juni Styles by kjherstin

Photoshop Extension Free

FREE Jelly Glossy PS Styles by Era-89

Photoshop Downloads

Soft Styles by invhizible

Photoshop Layer Styles

Critix Photoshop Styles 1 by critix

Free Downloads

Titanium Styles by Wearwolfaa

Free Photoshop Styles

Rock Styles by jen-ni

Photoshop Layer Styles


8 Glitter Styles by wondersmile

Photoshop Layers

Styles Part 2 by jen-ni

Photoshop Layers

Styles Part 3 by jen-ni

Nice Styles by EleanorMorgan

Layer Styles

Revnart Styles by revn89

Free Download

Photoshop Styles – DUAL by JINXD-PARADOX

Free Download

New photoshop styles by Sultan-Almarzoogi

Free Download

Miscellaneous Styles by SandraSublime

Layer effects

styles-brush by argeeh

Photoshop Extensions

CRISPINA styles by hertzz

Stylish style photoshop

Platinum texy styles by mildak

photoshop downloads

Gold styles by AnilCorn

Golden Style for Photoshop

Glass Layer Styles+PSD+Icons by WebTreatsETC

Photoshop Pack

20 Photoshop CS styles by ZeroniX-Designs

Style and Effect

Glow Styles v.2 by Idered


Gemme Styles by kjherstin

Style and Effects

Vetro Styles by kjherstin

Photoshop Extensions

Photoshop Camo Styles by thedoctor945

Layer Style and Effect

Glas Styles by kjherstin

Black Layer Style

STYLES 01 by LucianaMorin

Photoshop special Effects

styles by girl2010

photo special effects

Cowrie Styles by kjherstin

Black Layer Styles

Cowrie Styles by kjherstin



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      There are no Sofa or Bed templates here, but if you mistyped and meant something else, well you can download all these templates by clicking the the title name of the styles or if you sign-up and become a member of Designzzz, you can download all these styles in a single zip file. Up to you.


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    1. Tayyab says:

      Hey @tizzr
      Nice to see you again, if you like this, you might also like Handpicked Free Photoshop Actions and Installation Guide
      That is also one of my best Photoshop resources I have ever shared.

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