10 Free Ideal Tools for Creating a Fantastic Color Scheme


In this Collection you will find some of the best tools that will help you create a killer color scheme for graphic web designs. I’m only sharing the best ones to avoid clutter in the post and confusion in your mind.

Creating an eye-catching effective color scheme is never an easy task for web designers. Each color carries an emotion and sometimes it gets very hard to choose one appropriate color that matches the sense of the business, layout of the design and likeness of the client.

Hopefully, you’ll like my effort.


One of the best free color scheming tools in the market. Backed by mother Adobe herself. You can choose the scheme by selecting palettes or by choosing a single color. Easy to use – best in results.

Free Color Scheme

Color Scheme Designer

This is a tool that solved the problems of many web designers. It is quite an advanced tool packed with a lot options yet it is easy to use. No sign-up required, no strings attached. Highly recommended.

free online colour scheming

Check My Colours

This is a unique marvel; basically a color scheme analysis tool. It doesn’t just help you create a color scheme, it helps you to monitor and analyze your current color scheme of your running website or blog.

free online color analysis tool

Color Jack: Sphere

This is a rather simple and quick tool with only necessary functions. It is a very handy tool if you design many a websites frequently. If you use MAC, you can get their dashboard widget as well.

Sphere type color selection tool

Color Explorer

This is the absolute opposite of the previous one. Probably this is the tool that has most features amongst all being listed here. A free sign-up is required to use this tools.

tool for color scheming

Color Spire

Nice little tool with one specialty, it shows you a complete example of the colors of your future web design. Have a look at the screenshot to see it in action.

free color scheme tool for web designers

Color Rotate

Colors come to life in 3D, that’s the slogan this tool has. Here, you can finalize a color scheme using palettes, you can even make a palette of your own.

Advanced Color Scheme and Palatte tool for designers

Contrast A

This is one of the tools I like a lot. It let’s make multiple combinations of colors. You can create a palette and use it easily. All simple, all  easy, all very productive.

free coloring tool for web designers


This is also a rather unique kind of a tool. It let’s you upload an image and it creates a chart-map of the basic colors used. This is mighty helpful if you have a picture of a design. You can also use it to copy a color scheme from a scenery.

Free color analyzer for designers

Colour Grab

Somewhat like Pictaculous (the previous tool) but it creates maps from a URL of an image.

Color analyzer tool

Toucan by Aviary

One of the best color schemer tools out there. Lots of features, easy to use, advanced functionality, I use it, you should also try.

Free color schemer tool for web designers

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