11 Free Tools: Every Type of Gif Creator You Will Ever Need


Ever since gifs have popularized on the internet, we all need good quality gif creators. Yet, there’s one problem.

Back in the days, gif was supposed to be made from combining multiple images. The software applications that did that were called gif generators. These days, reaction gifs have become a big thing so we need a video to gif converter, more than a gif generator.
Then there’s a problem of device. There are online tools but not all of them work on mobile devices. There are standalone applications but they usually don’t convert videos to gifs and then there are mobile apps but we’re not always on mobile, are we?

So today we have decided to make a collection of the best gif creator tools of all types to sort out all your gif needs.

The Everlasting Debate

The inventor of gif announced a couple of years ago that it needs to be pronounced “jif”
This news sent frenzy to net jokers who replied with “well, there you jo” and “next you’ll tell me it is called gaypeg.

According to dictionary, the image format needs to pronounced with a hard G the source word (graphical) contains a hard G. The sound will carry on in the acronym.

Do tell me how do you pronounce it and also, why do you not pronounce it in the other way. Comments section is below. Now let’s move on to the jif… I mean gif creators.

Free Online Gif Generators

Make a Gif

This is probably the best online gif creation tool there is. It contains a youtube-to-gif converter, image frames to gif image generator, webcam feed to gif maker and a video to gif converter as well.

You can even install their official chrome extension if you create gif images frequently.

MakeAGif is probably the best gif creator there is


To say, Loogix would only be a pictures-to-gif creater as well as a youtube-to-gif converter. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. Loogix allows the users to add special effects in gif images.



This is not only a gif creator but also a content aggregator website, pretty much like 9 gag. Specifically talking about their gif generator, the youtube to gif converter is faster than the others.



a relatively advanced tool for creating gifs. Contains a slider to control speed, frames etc.


Gif Creator Apps for Mobiles and Desktops


This app lets you create magnificent looking home gifs.


Gif Boom

This is one of the most popular gif animator apps available. It is free and it is available for both iOS and Android.



This is a pretty cool gif creating app but it only supports iOS and Windows Phones right now. Android is coming soon.


Gif Creators for Desktops


Jiffy is a Google Chrome extension that turns parts of YouTube videos into gif images.


Gif Cam

This is a pretty awesome tool. It works as a screencast tool but it saves the cast as a gif image. It’s pretty quick, neat and simple. Of course it is also free.

Gif Cam


Until now, we have discussed only the easiest tools created for newbies and non-professionals. What about people who professional grade results? They can use GIMP.

This is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop so it contains advanced level gif animation tools.


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  1. Mike Kelly February 18, 2015 at 10:05 am

    Thanks for sharing this, Ayaz! Will pass your article on to my students. We use Flash (great for animation but a terrible gif builder on its own) in combination with Photoshop (which generates beautiful gifs but is not a very good animator). Nice to see there are so many free alternatives especially with the resurgence of the gif format in commercial and art application (hard g, apologies to old schoolers and inventor)! I will say this for Flash on its own: it makes great HTML 5 animations either natively in most recent incarnations or with swiffy from Google in earlier versions that are not only pretty much universally compatible but also not extreme in size!

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