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When it comes to digital arena, there are not many rules for the designers. However, rules are very important as a world without any boundaries can be really scary. Same goes for the designing projects. Working on projects without a design method can be tough. So, make rules for yourself and break them only if required. Here, we are talking about breaking designing rules only. So, let’s see the importance of having a design method:

Staying Focused

For a designer it is very important to stay focused as diving into things without any proper planning will keep you confused. As a designer, understand the concept of the project completely and then start working on it otherwise you will be a feel like a painter in front of his canvas not knowing what to paint and for creative people, this is the most frustrating things i.e., not knowing what to do. So, you first step towards making a design method has to be staying focused towards your project. If you won’t understand the basic concept of it, you will never to be able to deliver what was actually required by you.

If you know where to start from, your project can really hit off. However, diving into a huge ocean without even knowing directions will lead you nowhere. So, design method will help you in achieving your goals more efficiently. But, you need to make sure that you do not get too much into rules and regulations. Sometimes, creativity is all about going with the flow.

Gather Supporting Materials

As said earlier, if you are organized, you will be able to finish tasks more easily. Make a list of all the things required for your project and start gathering them. Not having something when required can be very distracting and with so many distractions, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work at all. Conduct a survey and get all the required materials from your client as well. You also need to have a good eye on your competitor’s moves. Take out some time to get to know the colors, graphics being used by him. Also, having a detailed conversation with client on what he really wants can be of great help. Gather everything that can help you with the project for instance, relevant newspaper articles, designing articles or TV/Radio commercials. The more variety of information you will have on your project, the better it is.

Once again, gathered material is of no use if you haven’t organized it properly. So, get a shack to organize all the paper related material. When we talk about emails, create separate folder for emails so that you do not have to dive in hundreds of emails to find an important one. It will save you a lot of time for sure.

Highlighting Important Stuff


You might be thinking hat can be done with all the gathered material? Well, you have to go through all the stuff and highlight anything that is important or can be of help in your project. This also breaks the ice sometimes if you are going through a creativity blockage. This is the best way to learn from someone else’s mistakes and you will not have to make them again. You might come across a lot of bad work as well. Find out the reasons as to why you think it is a bad work and then you can avoid repeating any of that in your own project.

Getting Back to Actual Work

Once you have gathered all the information, you need to get back to the actual work i.e., the hard core designing. Make sure that you do not end up a lot of time in gathering and highlighting that you have no time left for the project. You should have a dedicated amount of time for those things as well.

Brainstorming Sessions

Even the most creative person has to go through brainstorming sessions in order to come up with something exceptionally well. Create as many thumbnails for you design as you can. Get yourself a piece of paper and start designing and you will come up with a great design after your brainstorming sessions. Oh, and do not forget to play your favorite music in background. It helps like anything.

Developing Sketches


Now, once you are done with brainstorming sessions, creating thumbnails, you need to make sketches of the designs you think are good enough to be elaborated. Do not worry about straight lines, you are just refining your thoughts in a sketch for now and this will give you so many options to make it better with every stroke of pencil.

… And Finally, the Computer

Computer Desk and Operator

The design methodology ends when you switch your thoughts from pencil sketches to the computer screen. Remember that computers are not a shortcut for creativity; rather they are the supporting tool which synergizes and invigorates your thoughts and concepts. Also, computers help you establish a style or tone and manner of your design communication. So, when it comes to establishing the style, you need to think a lot and you need to think out of the box. Your surroundings can help you a lot with your thinking as creative people consider them as an inspiration. While establishing the style of your campaign, you need to keep your updated as well with your thoughts so that they can work accordingly.

The Wrap Up

Every professional, creative or non-creative has his own way of working, which is termed as a typical methodology of that particular work. The designing method stated above is of great help however, If this is not your working style, you do not have to follow it. Follow your heart and do what works for you. But make sure that you do have a designing method otherwise you feel lost and it won’t bring out the best creativity in you.

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