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Once again, Halloween is just around the corner. Everybody is gearing up for the occasion, designers are no exception. But we designers have different needs compared to everyone else. While everyone is looking for Halloween costume or party ideas, we look for ready-made graphics and Halloween-themed fonts so that we can create designs according to the occasions.

I don’t mean that we don’t party or don’t look for Halloween party costume ideas, but this post is about business things. Designers all around the country are busy designing Halloween posters, remaking websites, giving makeovers to logos and riding on the wave of Halloween in the design industry. If you are one of those designers, we’re here to help you.

Today we are sharing a collection of design packs. Combined, these design packs consist of over 100 design elements. These are all free downloads, you don’t need to sign up or register. All you have to do is click the download button.

We tried to select the design packs which allow commercial license, and most of them do but sometimes, the creator changes the license, so please do take notice of that.

To download any of these design packs and elements, just click the title.

Free Halloween Vectors

Halloween Vector Icons

We recently published this free icon pack. It is in AI format but you can import these vectors into almost any graphic design application.

Free Halloween Vectors Pack

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Magazine published this little vector pack for Halloween. It may not have quantity but it does have quality.

Smashing Pumpkins

Halloween Vector Art Pack

This is the latest on the internet. Recently published, this vector pack is uniquely designed and I found it refreshing.

Halloween Vector Art Pack

Free Halloween PNGs

This 3MB pack doesn’t really contain vectors but PNGs. Almost as good as vectors so I included them in this category.

Halloween PNGs

Scary Halloween

This is a poster template made using pure vectors. You can use these elements separately as well.

Scary Halloween

Halloween Night Poster

Another one of pure vector template. You can use it elements separately as well.

Halloween Night Poster

Halloween Silhouettes

These are silhouette vector icons for Halloween.

Halloween Silhouettes

Vector Illustration

This is a pretty cute vector design, but I feel elements of this design won’t work as impressively if detached from this design.

Halloween Illustration

Halloween Vector Icons

These are detailed vector icons made for Halloween. This is my favorite icon pack from this post.

Halloween Icons

Free Halloween PSD Templates

Halloween Poster and Wallpaper

This is a party poster template plus a Halloween wallpaper plus a Photoshop tutorial. This is an exclusive download from Designzzz so you can not only use it commercially but you can also edit it, distribute it, do whatever you want with it. We don’t restrict you from anything.

halloween ticket psd file download

Halloween Flyer Template

This is a Halloween after-dark party poster template. This was featured in our flyer and poster templates collection.

Halloween poster Template

Pumpkin PSD

This is a pumpkin made in Photoshop. The download file is fully layered.

This PSD file is recently made especially for this Halloween.

Free Pumkin PSD for Halloween

Witch Hat PSD

A witch hat PSD for Halloween. Fully layered, completely free.

Witch Hat PSD

Miscellaneous Photoshop Resources

Halloween Brushes

A pack of 33 free brushes for Photoshop and GIMP. These are all high resolution brushes that can easily be converted into resolution independent vectors.

Halloween Brushes

Halloween Elegante

These are also brushes but detailed ones. Ideal for graphic design and creative web designs.

Halloween Elegante Brushes

Halloween Layer Styles

These are layer styles made for text objects but you can use them on any kind of objects; vectors, brush strokes, anything.

Halloween Layer Styles

Editable Text Styles

Even though this is a PSD file, I’m adding it here because this also contains layer styles. You can export layer styles into a separate file or just use this PSD to create your desired text effect.

Halloween Styles

Halloween Patterns

These are seamless patterns for Halloween.

Halloween Patterns

Halloween Actions

Actions in Photoshop are very useful when it comes to applying tonal fixes, effects and fixes to photos. This is an action pack especially designed for Halloween.

Halloween Actions

That’s it for now.
While we make more posts, enjoy yourself with these Digital Art themed for Hallween.

Happy Halloween

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