How to Draw Pokemon Art Tutorials


This is a collection of tutorials for understanding how to draw Pokemon characters with great details.

Pokemon originated in Japan but later they have become a worldwide phenomenon. Like many of our readers, I’m a Pokemon fan. And since all designers love to sketch and draw, I thought why not share a collection of tutorials about how to draw Pokemon characters. So here’s the collection.

Drawing Pokemon is not really a hard thing if you have a proper guide. And this post contains those proper guides. To be exact, this collection contains almost a hundred tutorials to draw a Pokemon.

This post is divided into two parts, first one consists two sections. The first one contain image based guides for drawing Pokemon while the second section contains video tutorials about how to draw Pokemon step by step.

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How to Draw Pokemon Tutorials in Pictures

Pokemon Art Style

Excellent tutorial on how to achieve the concept art style of Ken Sugimori (new style, generations 3-4).

Pokemon Art Style Tutorial by Yayster

Sugi Style Tutorial

This is a similar coloring tutorial, the kind of one we just saw above.

Sugi Style Tutorial


Make sure to see part 2 to find out how to draw the body of Vaporeon.

How to draw pokemon character Vaporeon



Espeon is a pretty cute Pokemon. It is also one of the easy to draw Pokemon characters.

How to draw pokemon Espeons


Here is everybody’s favorite Pokemon, Pikachu.



And here’s the scary guy. This is probably the easiest to draw Pokemon character in this post.



Finally, one of my favorite Pokemons makes it to the list.

Charizard Pokeman drawing tutorial


The cat-like character Mewtwo is one of the most Pokemons around the world. Sadly, drawing Pokemons such as this one are not easy because they contain a lot of details.

Drawing Pokemons such as Mewtwo




Pidgeot is the bird Pokemon. One of my personal favorites.

Pidgeot dawing tutorial


This is the half cat half rat Pokemon which is small, but scary.

Pokemon drawing tutorial for Rattata


This is a strange Pokemon, even stranger than the game itself.

How to draw Hitmonlee


Cyndaquil is one of the most furious Pokemons in the game.

How to draw Pokemon Cyndaquil


Here’s my favorite dinosaur… dinosaur-like Pokemon.



Usually sheep are not considered great fighters… but Mareep fights as good as anything.

Mareep tutorial by Blue Uncia


I really like this Pokemon because I love giraffes. To know how to draw this Pokemon, just check out this tutorial.

Girafarig is a great Pokemon


The bull’s got some… tanks.

Miltank drawing tutorial


I’ve failed to understand what this Pokemon represents, but it does look like a fighter, and that’s all I need.

Tyranitar tutorial


I don’t know why but this Pokemon looks like a Disney princess design went wrong, at least it does to me.

Medicham tutorial


Here’s the meta thing.

How to draw Pokemon callled Metang


Here’s another cat-like Pokemon.

Meowth is a Pokemon drawing tutorial


This is the normal swampert, not the tiger version.

Drawing Swamperts


This is a tutorial of the Pokemon Dialga.

Dialga Tutorial


Sandshrew Pokemon



This is the only Cresselia drawing tutorial I have found.



Lugia and Dark Lugia

The creator Hades Bannon expects you to recreate the sketch within 15 minutes.

Dark Lugia


This is one of the most popular Pokemon characters, Suicune.

Suicune Pokemon drawing tutorial


Miss fox.

Lucario Pokemon


Shaymin is not only of the cutest characters in Pokemon, it is also one of the easiest ones to draw.

Shaymin Pokemon


This is a pretty cute Pokemon.

Diglett Tutorial


This tutorial is actually called how to draw a tootsie.



This is a quick tutorial for creating drawing the Pokemon called Nidoqueen.


Video Tutorials to Draw a Pokemon

This is how to draw Pokemon step by step with video tutorials.










Shaymin Sky Form






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