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Communication is the most important part of any relationship. If we have to talk about web designing projects, effective communication between the designer and client can make an easy way for a successful project.

Honestly, I personally think that communication is one thing which can make or break a project. If you won’t properly discuss your requirements with the designer, it would be folly to anticipate good results. Also, the issues will crop up and it will result in a difference of opinions.

I have commonly seen designers and clients disagreeing on a lot of things. Clients would want one thing while designers would think that something else will look much better.

So, you need to make sure that you create easy ways for an effective communication with a designer. At the end of the day it’s all about your website, so declaring off your demands to the designer should be your main goal.

Let’s have a few tips to assure your proper communication:

Choose the Right Web Designer

Tips for Choosing  a Website Design Company

In order to avoid any sort of confusion and misunderstanding, it is better to make a wise decision and look for a right designer in the first place. Search for a designer who fits your needs and seem to be reasonable enough.

You can schedule interviews with all potential designers in order to find a thing or two about their personality. You can also check recommendations and /or referrals in the process.

Explaining the Desired Layout

Communication guide

Usually, the client know what he wants – but the problem is in proper explanation to the designer. Should that be the case, you need to work on your communication skills as a client, because it does not matter how good a designer is if you are unable to tell him what you really want.

Your confusion or improper instructions will leave your designer lost. You might have a perfect idea about the kind of content that will be published on your website, but you may not have an idea how to execute the designing idea.

If you think you won’t be able to explain it to the designer, the best you can do at that time is to handover the content to the designer and give him the full authority to represent the content in the best way he can. But if you have a few ideas about the layout, try to convey it to the designer in the best way.

Provide Examples for Inspiration

Taking Inspirations

You can provide examples for inspiration to make yourself even more clear. If you have a certain design in your mind or if you have seen a website which is close to what you want for your website, you can show it to your designer –  so that he gets an idea as to what is really in your mind.

It’s crystal-clear that one website won’t have everything to offer that you want in your website. If you find various websites which resembles your thoughts of the final product, you can save the links and provide them to your designer so that he can work on your suggested designs.

Once you have sent over all the links, you can have a meeting with him in order to explain your points.

Keep Track during the Design Process

Website Designing Procedure

Some clients wait till the end to see the final design of the website which is an extremely bad idea. You should keep track during the design process and it is very important to stay involved with the designer.

Having conversations with your designer on and off can prove to be really fruitful for your own project. There might be a few things that you dislike. In such cases you can get it changed on the spot. If you will don’t like something at the end of the project, making changes becomes almost next to impossible.

Keep an Open Mind

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As a client it is very important for you to give your designer some space and keep an open mind about the whole situation. You might be right but give your designer a chance to speak and listen to what he has to say.

Your designer knows designing a little more than you do and his input can do wonders for your website. Remember, the final decision would be yours – but you need to listen to your designer, otherwise why would you hire him at all?

Your Cooperation is the Most Important Thing

Hands on World

You are almost obliged to cooperate with the designer and your input counts big time. This is one of the best ways to ensure smooth procedure of the whole project. Trust your designer and accept that your website is a priority to him as well. If you don’t show any cooperation, the project will only atone.


Writing Down a Check

At the end of the day, everyone works to pay their bills. If you are happy with the designer’s work, make sure you pay them on time. They have responsibilities to deal with too. Do not expect the designer to be the only accountable person.


Your proper communication is not only good for a healthy relationship between you and your designer, but it is also very effective for your project so make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned points while dealing with the designer. If you have any suggestions regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know about them. We would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Andy February 22, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    I think showing a sample site is, indeed, a good way to make sure you and your designer are on the same page. Perhaps a PDF screenshot of the site you like, with annotations on what you want changed, can help a lot. Maybe, too, it would be good if we ask the designer to send us first the uncolored hand-drawn design, then the colored version, then the Photoshop (or Flash or something) version. This keeps us from getting a huge surprise after the designer has been working weeks on a project. (This also allows the designer to say, “Well, that’s what you’ve been approving so far.”)

    1. Arfa February 24, 2011 at 3:52 am

      Thanks for taking out time to write such useful comment.

  2. Gabby June 20, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Communication with any type of designer is certanly important. I highly encourage clients to do all the things you suggested. Besides, I the designers have the responsability to sit down and ask the client a lot of things useful for making a succesful design. A designer is lost if she or he can’t please the client. Those talks build your reputation, your clientele and your knowledge.
    The only drawback of communication: ‘pushy’ clients that keep nagging the designer every 5 minutes. But that’s why you need to know how to choose your clients and ‘tame’ them a little if you stumble across difficult ones. 🙂

    1. Tayyab June 20, 2011 at 1:56 am

      Very well said Gabby!

      Thanks for the tips and hope to see you again soon.

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