How to Make a Shock Effect Photo in Photoshop

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Stage 1: Getting the base picture

1) Choose which picture you want to use. Or just take a new one. I decided to use this one:

2) Select the area you want to use.

3) Copy it and paste it into a new image.
(for example mine came out 600 width and 648 height)

4) Resize that image so the smallest side is 600. (I’m using 400px for demonstration)

5) To get rid of the extra space copy it again and now paste it in a new image you put at 600×600.

Mine turned out like this:

Stage 2: Prepare the base picture

1) Make the picture black and white. Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Black and White. Merge Down.

2) Use: Filter/Brush Strokes/Dark Strokes

Put Balance at 8, Black Intensity at 6 and White Intensity at 2. Should leave you with something like this:

Stage 3: Create the Speed Lines

1) Create a new image: 600x600px

2) Use a white background then go to Filter/Noise/Add Noise. Put it at 100% and Gaussian.

3) Then we stretch it out by going to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur. Put it at 90% and 998 distance for max effect.

4) After that to make the color stronger just put Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Brightnes Contrast. Make it 100% Contrast. Then merge the layers.

5) Now we go to Filter/Disort/Polar Coordinates. Make sure to put it at Rectangular to Polar.

We should now have this:

Stage 4: Put it all together

1) Copy the Speed Lines on to the fixed Base Picture.

2) Change the Layer to Overlay.

3) To remove the lines on the face we’ll use Vector Mask and Radial Gradient Tool.
Vector Mask

Radial Gradient Tool

4) Make sure to select the Vector Mask.

4) Then create small balls with the gradient tool at the head until you’re satisfied.

My vector mask looks like this once I was done:

The Final Result

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. techwench November 25, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    really great shocking effect with tutorial

  2. Peter November 26, 2010 at 7:42 am

    that’s boring, sorry, but why does anybody bring such spam-tutorials to the web?
    Tutorials should describe effects and tips that are not evident!

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