2000+ Free Icon Files for Web Designers & Developers


This is the mother of all icon files posts. Over two thousand, yes 2000 icon files and logo files of various types, formats and sizes. These resources are equally valuable for graphic designers, as well as web designers. All are free!

Since this is a mighty mighty post, all the icons are not for one type of task only but this is a compilation of graphics and images which are frequently required by web or graphic designers. This includes routine clip art, addon images and plenty of ready made graphics. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Don’t forget to send your feedback through comments and tell me do you like this kind of big posts, or would you rather like the posts which only include icons (or other goodies) for one type of task.

Developers Icons
Sekkyumu at DeviantArt is a lovely guy. On his birthday, he gave us all a gift of these amazing free icons. Giving gifts on your own birthday is definitely an admirable thing.

Free icon pack for designers and developers

Web Developer Icons
An icon pack of PC and MAC logos. Quite useful for blogs and websites providing tutorials or script downloads.

free web development logos

Devine Icons
Part two of Devine Icons. This is a huge pack of 184 icons for several kinds of designs.

free web icons

Developer Icon Set
This is an icon set particularly usable for admin panels. This was the main purpose designing these icons.

free icons for developers

Developer Icon Pack
Simple Icons Pack for for simple tasks. Sleek and Handy though.

designed icons

ModernTimes Icons
A set of multi-purpose icons. These can be used in various print media designing as well as web designing, and of course, any kind of development.

free icon set for developers

Stackers + Custom Developer
Another mighty set of 101 icons. I didn’t find this pack suitable for everyday use but where there’s a need for such icon, only this pack fulfills.

free logos for designers

Oxygen Refit
I would call it a very geek friendly icon set. That is due to the fact that these icons (most of the times) would only be used by geeks.

computer icons for web free


Black n’ White
A big big set of icons and that in Black and White.

free b&w icon set

FireFiles for Mac
Love Firefox, love this icon pack. 128 px by 128 px

firefox related logos

Icons: Systematrix Full
Many times, a designer has a give a fun feel to the design.  This logo pack is the perfect for such designs.

fun icon pack

Icons Pack “Web Cartoon”
Want a mediocre look, no problem. Take a look at this,

mediocre icon pack

Web Iconset
226 icons in this one pack. That’s all I have to say.

226 big icon set for free

Button Icons Pack
How about some simple buttons. Very handy, very effective.

free buttons for web designers

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    really useful and professional icon sets you sharing.

  2. k says:

    nice icons, thanks buddy!

  3. CW says:

    Yea i like them thank you very much good job,, loves the systematrixk, and oxygen ones, and the 48px best keep it up!

    1. Tayyab says:

      Thanks CW

  4. Mahsa says:

    Amazing and useful collection of icons…Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tayyab says:

      Thank you acknowledging Mahsa! :)

  5. Dejal says:

    Cool icons very useful n 10xs a lot buddy

    1. Tayyab says:

      this is the first time I read 10x… You’re most welcome :)

  6. Sam says:

    I love you buddy :)
    you save my project

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      glad to be helpful :)

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