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Free ready-to-use graphics for creating infographics. Vector and PSD downloads.

As we know infographics have become a major niche of designing, and usually corporate sector gives most of the orders of infographics, so big money is involved!

Many designers want to be able to create infographic designs efficiently yet quickly…. but the problem is that whenever someone tries to do that, it feels like a pretty difficult thing to do!

Fear not, Designzzz is here to rescue! These are free infographic design kits. They will help you to create awesome infographics without having to design all those routine elements found in most infographics. These elements include charts, graphs, symbols, tables, visual data representation and a whole lot of other stuff.

Most of these infographic design elements are designed in Photoshop and they can be download as PSD files, but many others are in vector format so they can be used in any software of your choice. Enjoy.

Infographic Design Kits & PSDs

Business Data Elements Vector

Business data free elements vector design for download.  Vector design technology elements, components of electronic circuit board. Now  create business templates and computer coding, and also cyberspace data.

The Platform to Catalog and Serve Vector, Terrain, Map, Raster, Business Data ERDAS APOLLO Essentials. Vector Graphics & Royalty Free Clipart , infographics to keep as a business record.

business diagram stock vector editable file to download royalty Free.

Business scheme and Infographics elements vector

This is business infographic design elements designed in retro/vintage theme. Retro is really in these days, you should consider these elements when next time you design an infographic. All these elements are in EPS format.

Download Free the EPS file for business scheming and Infographic elements in vector.

Business Data Elements Vector

This is a free vector template design. Suits to business diagram stock vector, business data elements vector,  royalty free Vector Graphics & Clipart , types of bar chart, financial pie chart and graph…

Downloadable infographic template about Technology vector design elements of electronic circuit board components.

Charts and Graphs in Vector Format

This is a set of charts and graphs which is purely for representation only, containing no  real data or exact numbers that are being displayed. Real line graphs can easily be created with excel spreadsheets. It is a fact that sometimes we need just a quick chart to use as a clip art.

It  contains in vector format various colorful charts. Several samples include bar graphs, pie graphs, line charts, circle graphs and other statistical graphs.

Colorful charts in vector format to download free template.

Colorful Infographics Charts & Comparisons Vector Set

Same kind of elements which you’ve seen earlier but they are very colorful. This means they are useful if you are trying to add a vibrant feel into the design.

Note: Use this design kit on dark backgrounds, I don’t these elements will look pretty on light backgrounds.

Download editable template file of Infographic Charts and Comparisons Vector Set.

Economy Infographics and chart design elements vector

Economy Infographics and chart design elements as free download  vector design. Vector pie charts, icon variations containing financial figures, bar graphs, business growth reports and data reports.

Free download of Economy vector design Infographics chart and design elements.

Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 01

Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 01

Economy Infographics Design Elements Vector Graphic

This is not just an infographic design pack, this also is a web design elements pack. So make sure you don’t miss this one!

Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 03

Economy Infographics Design Elements Vector Graphic

This infographic design kit has more in it than the thumbnail shows. Mainly it contains maps.

Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 04

Elements of Food Infographics Vector

Designing about food? Use these elements! You designs don’t even have to be infographics, they can be anything related to food.

Elements of food infographics vector

Elements of Water Infographics Vector Set

Water is the source of life and this design kit is the source of your water infographic designs.

Elements of water infographics vector set

Free download: Infographic Vector Kit

This is a kit of infographic vectors, including the most used elements which you may need for infographic designs. In this set , there are gender elements, a world map, multiple pie and as well as bar charts. One can easily combine and also modify the entire elements for creating a distinctive infographic.

Free download Infographic Vector Kit

Free Infographic PSD Template

Clean and simple infographic PSD template is designed to satisfy the entire needs of all print and web related projects, such as  website designs, presentations, charts and graphs and diagrams,  sketches, drafts, plans, etc. It is a fully layered PSD file format organized into groups.

Free Infographic PSD Template

Free Infographics Template to Download

This is an infographics template free to use. Just download the fully editable vector file, unzip it  and add your own contents. Of Course, this is the easiest way to create also a cool presentation.

Free Infographics Template to Download

Free Vector Infographic Kit

This freebie is a huge vector set to create the infographics. The package includes over 50 elements that are  ranging from charts and graphs to maps and the symbols.

Free Vector Infographic Kit

Free Vector Infographic Kit by Webgraphics

This typical infographic design kit. These elements are often used in business infographics.

Free Vector Infographic Kit by Webgraphics

Free Vector Infographic  by Webgraphics

This one and above one are from the same creator. Same kind of elements. This one also focused for corporate style infogrphics.

 Free Vector Infographic by Webgraphics Vol2

Fresh and Free Infographic Set to Download

Saya is the auther of this set. She says that she decided to prepare a fresh new set of infographic icons, pie-charts, bars and graphs for you to download.

Fresh and Free Infographic Set to Download

High-Tech Graphics Vector

If your high-tech design is not looking techie enough, then use this free hi-tech graphics set and add a futuristic look into your design.

High-Tech Graphics Vector

Magnolia Free – Infographic PSD Template

This is a package of elements being used to create infographics. These infographics will be visual representation of data.  You can download an Infographic in PSD template free, and then use it in order to visualize the data.

Magnolia Free – Infographic PSD Template

Oil Theme Business Infographics Vector Chart

Oil is liquid gold. An infographic about oil might not bring you enough to buy a month’s fuel but certainly, these elements can be very helpful.

 Oil Theme Business Infographics Vector Chart

Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

All the graphics in this Free Vector Graphics section are created in .eps file format. You just  need a vector editor program (such as Adobe Illustrator) to open this file.

Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

Set of chart and Infographics Design Elements Vector

I couldn’t find a larger screenshot but these are awesome elements. You should download this kit.

Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 05

Set of chart and Infographics Design Elements Vector

These are rarely used designs. If you’re not an avid infographic designer then you can leave this pack.

Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 06

Set of chart and Infographics Design Elements Vector

Again, these are also the kind of charts which are not used too often, besides they are not that hard to make yourself. So you can skip these ones as well if you don’t design infographics on regular basis.

Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 07

Simple Infographics PSD

This is a very simple example of impressive infographics. You can have it for your personal use or clients projects commercially. It is completely royalty free to use too..

Simple Infographics PSD

Vector Infographic Design Elements Free

Infographic design elements pack is served up in blue. You may just download and open in a vector editor program, then change the text and now you have a good-looking information graphic.

To download, click the icon below of image.

Vector Infographic Design Elements

 Vector Infographic Elements

A infographics template is to download free as a zipped file and then add your own content, the easiest way to prepare a nice presentation. The template includes fully editable vector files.

To download, click the icon below of the image.

Vector Infographic Elements

Year Infographics Elements Vector

I felt this design kit also has a retro feel.

 Year infographics elements vector 01

Info Graphic Design Elements Vector

Although it should be (or it is)  purely creativity, the creation of computer graphics needs many pictograms and elements graphics that are repeated usually. This is a special pack containing 6 files EPS with all the sorts of graphics, useful to make this work.

Info Graphic Design Elements Vector

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  1. Jyoti February 9, 2013 at 2:24 am

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  2. Jyoti February 9, 2013 at 2:25 am

    really amazing……….

    1. Tayyab February 9, 2013 at 5:31 am

      thank you for the appreciation Jyoti.
      Akkas (the writer of this post) is on holidays so I’m replying on his behalf.
      I’m sure he’ll be making more quality posts soon 🙂

  3. Turok May 25, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    hi, thank you for sharing!

    Is there any way to import these graphs into the Graph Tool in Illustrator? If not, how I can alter the data?

    1. Tayyab May 27, 2013 at 5:23 am

      Hi Turok,

      Almost all of these graphic packs can easily be opened in Adobe Illustrator because these resources are either in .AI extension or .EPS extension.
      Both are handled perfectly by Illustrator.

      1. Turok May 28, 2013 at 12:20 pm

        Hi Tayyab,
        thanks for reply. I know I can open these files easily in Illustrator. However, these files come with ready and pre-created graphs. I need to know if there is any way how to alter the data of the graph so the graphics automatically adjust according to the new numbers.

        1. Tayyab May 29, 2013 at 9:13 am


          That is an issue. Illustrator does has built-in feature for creating graphs: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/illustrator/cs/using/WS3f28b00cc50711d9fc86fa8133b3ce158e-8000.html

          These infographic design kits can only be edited as we edit any vectors.
          For your need, I’ve assigned a writer and we should soon make a post about software that create graphs 🙂

          Stay Tuned, thanks for being a reader.

        2. mirko June 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

          I have the same problem…did you find a solution?

          1. Tayyab June 3, 2013 at 10:35 am

            Yes Mirko

            We’ll be publishing a post featuring free tools for creating such graphs, charts and diagrams. Hopefully we’ll publish it tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow).
            Stay tuned, thanks 🙂

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