Infographic : The Story of Kodak – Best to Bankrupt


Thanks to our readers, our first infographic history of camera and photography was a big success. This is our second infographic related to that subject.

Kodak is the brand that made photography what it is today, this company has made more breakthroughs than any other… and even though they have a glittering glorious past, their present is in a chaos. Kodak has recently filed for bankruptcy….

We compiled the story of Kodak and Waseem has made it into an info-graphic. You can learn the commercial policy of a business tycoon, you can see rise success can give you and you can also observe the fall if you start to behave like an arrogant king and believe nothing can take your throne.

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kodak infographic


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5 Comments on “Infographic : The Story of Kodak – Best to Bankrupt” Join The Discussion!
  1. patara says:

    Excellent info-graphic Waseem. I enjoyed reading through it as didn’t know their full history. I still find it amazing that Kodak let themselves get into such a situation.

  2. Daniel S. says:

    That’s Virginia Schau not “Shaw.”

    1. Tayyab says:

      Thanks for the correction. That bit was taken from a foreign language BBC page (link in the graphic) that’s why the mistake took place.

  3. Saba Ayaz says:

    good information designzzz team you rock

    1. Tayyab says:

      Thank you for the appreciation.

      Welcome to designzzz family :)

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