Infographic: Web Designers vs Web Developers


This infographic portrays the perpetual battle between Web Designers and Web Developers. You can see who earns how much and what are the difficulties they face. I saw this infographic a while ago – it was of course informative, but also a lot of fun. Today I dug it out from internet and now sharing it with you.

Please tell us in comments that do you like this kind of fun stuff or should we just stick with the professional techie stuff.

Infographic : Web Designers vs Web Developers by Six Revisions

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web designer vs web developer inforaphic

Infographic : Web Designers vs Web Developers by Six Revisions


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Ayaz Malik

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2 Comments on “Infographic: Web Designers vs Web Developers” Join The Discussion!
  1. alberto says:

    jaja yo conozco a varios desarrlladores web y en verdad son iguales, saludos desde México!

  2. Graphiics says:

    Wow its superb really useful infomration liked Infographics

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