Infographic : All You Need To Know About Web Designers


It’s not that easy to play with colors and ideas in order to produce some outstanding visual elements. Who would have thought that people still choose to become a designer with so many pros and cons of this particular profession? In case you are considering of joining our Designers Club (just kidding, there’s no such a thing, at least not an official one), the whole process is in all honesty and also in a visually interesting manner described in the infographic below:

This lovely piece of information has been created by Tech King. It is the first time we’re using one on DesignZZZ and because we need your opinion to assure your maximum satisfaction with our articles, please feel free to leave your thoughts about infographics in the comments – or you may want to stay in touch via some other media, such as Twitter or RSS

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All About Web Developer Infographics

Infographic: All You Need To Know About Web Designers by Tech King


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Ayaz Malik

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10 Comments on “Infographic : All You Need To Know About Web Designers” Join The Discussion!
  1. Dzinepress says:

    as we know designers always creative and you sharing also creative stats about web designers. thanks

  2. catalin1205 says:


  3. Ayaz Malik says:

    Yup and Thx @Dzinepess and @Catalin

  4. aditia says:

    thanks for sharing, this statistics give some courage for me in design

  5. Hermitbiker says:

    …. I just wanna thank everyone that was involved in making this happen !!

  6. Ayaz Malik says:

    @aditya, im glad it helped you :)

  7. Ion says:

    The salary stats are annual right? Really could relate to most in here

  8. Ayaz Malik says:

    @ion yup they are annual

  9. pakhot says:

    nice to know about your working,

  10. DinD says:

    Nice infographic, with some fun facts about webdesigners.
    I was just wondering how you can be a webdesigner, without having a personal website.

    In my humble opinion you need to have one.
    Can someone give me a few good reasons why they don’t have a website?

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