Interior Design Inspiration: Workspaces for Designers


I don’t know about you guys but my workspace is always, always messy.
Today, while cleaning my room I thought that I need a better workspace, then I thought many of you might also need a better workspace. So here’s an inspiration of how your next workspace should look like.

One more thing, while designing a workspace, don’t ever forget the basic rules of ergonomics.  This is the science of arranging furniture in such a way that worker stays very comfortable and highly active.

Here’s another good read: Quick Tips for Staying Motivated at Work

This is where babies are made

creative offices and workspaces of designers

Work Space by Color Me Carla

amazing workspaces of designers

Work Space circa

creative workspaces of designers

Work Space

amazing green leaf designers workspace

My Working Space!!!

creative worksapce for designers

Office Work Area

awesome workspaces of graphic designers

Dutch desk

dutch designers workspaces

Design Drink Sleep

awesome workspaces of designers

Be Yourself

wonderful and cartoonist workspaces of designers

My desk. Graphic Designer savy

amazing workspaces of designers


adorable workspaces for inspiration of designers

Cartoonist Workspace

amazing and green workspaces of designers

Creative Corner

classy corner workspaces of creative people

Classy Workspace

amazing classy workspace of designers

Creative Workspace

designers offices of creative poeple

Designers Offices

adorable workspaces for designers

Keep Calm

amazing workspace

Functional Workspace

amazing workspaces

White Workspace

classy workspace collection for inspiration

adventurous workspace

amazing and creative workspaces

Futuristic desk

Futuristic desk inspirations

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Waseem Amjad is the chief Graphic Designer and official Photographer of When he is not writing tutorials or creating freebies, he can be found in streets capturing photographs.
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7 Comments on “Interior Design Inspiration: Workspaces for Designers” Join The Discussion!
  1. Rui B says:

    Very good suggestions.

    1. waseem says:

      good luck for redesigning your workspace :)

  2. says:

    Interior Design Inspiration: Workspaces for Designers…

    Interior Design Inspiration: Workspaces for Designers. You may need a better workspace. So here's how your next workspace should look like….

  3. Xzendor7 says:

    I Could Work In The “Work Space circa” Desktop All They Long. The Layout Not Looks Aesthetically But The Space And The Arrangement Of The Components Is Spot On – At Least For Me.

    1. waseem says:

      It’s a nice workspace, works for everybody.

  4. kazihoque says:

    Creative corner is simple and cool.

    1. waseem says:

      good taste you have :)

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