Nature Photography at its Best: A Breathtaking Collection


Without a shred of doubt, most people will agree that the most beautiful images and scenes are that of nature. One can say, as a matter of fact, that a simple picture of an empty beach or that of a butterfly leaving its cocoon most often captures the attention of its onlooker.

Nature is vast and unlimited. It transcends human comprehension and understanding. So, we can only gaze, enjoy and marvel at its casual magnificence and simple complexity.

Nature photos and images usually cast an indescribable effect on us. They can be comforting, inspiring, mesmerizing, stunning and exciting all at the same time. Sometimes you could happen upon a nature photography and be lost in the visual caress and mental fondling it brings you.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. … There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” —Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Ever seen stunning pictures of flowers as they blossom? That’s nature in play, and here’s a collection of beautiful flowers. You can check out this post about beautiful tree photography too, you won’t be disappointed.

So, being a lover of nature and all things nature, I went around and made a huge collection of nature images.

This collection contains beautiful images of nature in play, most of which you might not have seen before. It includes photographs of trees, landscapes, fields, parks, wildlife, sunsets , sun rises, and so on. They are masterpieces that can only be taken by talented photographers.

Hope you will find them inspiring! Don’t forget to share too.

In this article you will find:

Iconic nature photography

First of, I present you this modicum of exquisite nature photography. You can easily say this is nature photography at its best.

Barn Reclaimed by Nature
A Beautiful Scene of Nature. This barn, left alone years ago, was reclaimed by nature in its own way. Absolutely stunning.

barn reclaimed by nature

Iceland – the power of nature

Iceland Waterfall Showing the power of nature. You can guess the expression on the face of the guy experiencing this. It is simply majestic.

iceland waterfall

Face In Nature

Four people sit down to take a moment to admire the mesmerizing scenery of this mystic mountain.

stone face


There are thousands of words you could use to describe this scenery of contrasting greens.

Me, I’m speechless.

beautiful long fields

Genesis of a New World

This is a shot of the likely genesis of a new world. The view is wow.

Genesis of a New World

Thor’s Well

Thor's Well

Conversation by the Stone Fire


Lost in colors

colorful beach photography

The Wall

sea waves colliding with light house

Breathtaking landscapes

Next, I present you this collection of breathtaking landscape photography. These are landscapes in different kinds of weather and different areas. All you have to do is stay calm and absorb the magic. 🙂

The Goddezz

Godez nature


Who knew a canoe on a pond will blend so well with this background to create this indescribable effect?

emptyness nature photo

The sun’s afro

Beautiful Nature Sunset

Beautiful Apocalypse

This, by no doubt, is a stunning picture. Notice the contrasting colors of the sky?

beautiful nature pictures

Falling Trees

A beautiful sunset.

falling trees nature

Columbine Island Sunset

Beautiful nature landscape


wonderland nature pic

Arctic Alps

beautiful arctic alps nature photo


sun rays photography

No Boat-Trip

boeat photography

In Solitude IR

tree natural photography

Maloti Pass : Reprocessed

beautiful landscape photography


moon nature photography

Timeless Obsession

beautiful nature water scape

Peace of mind

peace photography

I am nothing, in the dark

beach photography

Breaking Dawn

dawn photography

First Light

first light photography

Desert Storm 2

desert storm photography


equilibrium photography

Lovely sky

lovely sky pics

Away from the shadows

field pictures

Midst of Solace

beach photos


sky and fields

In The Field


break down

tiny beach

Perfect nature RELOAD

beautiful nature rainbow

Lost In Nature’s Thought

tree and sky

Lovely Nature

beautiful natural flowers

Nature Parks

Trees are beautiful and a combination of trees can give one an enthralling effect. This is a collection of photos of natural parks and trees and forests. Enjoy.

Autumn Sun

Bask in the glory of the autumn sun.

Autmn Nature Photography


Here is nature, captured in one of its purest form. The waterfall, greens, and flowing stream all combine to form one beautiful nature scenery.

beautiful natural waterfall


trees photography

dream line

A rail line during the forest at autumn.

Dream Rail nature pics

In a trance

trance nature

Background 6

beautiful nature background

Lone Tree

tree nature photos

Golden Sunset…

Golden sunset nature photography

Flash of Color

beautiful photography

Deep Silence

forest photography

The Fallen Son

fallen nature

Nature’s Kingdom

natural Sun rays in forest

Road Mist

misty road tree

Green Is Green

Nature Photography Gree Forest

Madeira – Fanal 1

Beautiful Nature Tree in fog

Seeing is believing

Nature Photography FOG

Path in Owlish Mountains

beautiful forest

Sakura Awakens Anew

sakura cherry flowers


Wildlife Nature Photography

This is a collection of pictures showing the little things in wildlife. Kudos to the photographers who took these pictures, they all masterpieces.

Nature’s Tear

beautiful dew drop

Beauty of nature

dew drop spider web

The Nature of Love

Nature’s way of displaying love.

plants heart

On Guard

on guard owl photo

About grace of migratory birds

amzing girl in nature photography

Wonder Land

praying mantis on mushroom


hanging lizard

numero uno

green toad beautiful shot

Wings of fury

amazing ature photographs

Duo tone

due drops on plant


bee on flower

Eaten alive

mantis eating a lizard

occupied house

sparrows on branches


wet spider web photo

Onion Sprout

tiny onion sprouts

Frozen Nature

Frozen petal Nature Photography

nature stars II

pink bunch of flowers

Miscellaneous Nature Photos

Finally, we have a collection of nature images taken at random. Note that these pictures are equally inspiring and stunning as the others, if not more.

snow and fire

snow and fire photogaphy

Little tree on water

Nature Photography small Tree on Water

If only…

sun set nature

Low pass

volconic pass

Silent Beauty

beautiful pink flower

Morning drops II

Nature Photography Morning Drops


beautiful red leaf tree


water stream

fury of nature

Storm photo

Nature’s Fan

leaf and dew drops

Nature Photo

line of dew drops


dew drops on leaves

unique sunset

sunset in tree

Nature’s Heart

heart leaf

Quiet shrub

beautiful tiny plants

lightening at sunset

lightning photograph

Tips on Taking Beautiful Nature Photography

Beautiful photos are taken by talented, brilliant photographers. There’s a lot one needs to know in order to take nature photographs that will really stand out.

So here are a few photography tips and techniques for taking photos of the natural world:

  • Don’t always put the subject of your photo in the center. This might seem odd, but remember that the subject of your photo isn’t going to be the only thing in it. However, everything depends on how it blends with its surrounding.
  • Get out early. Not only is the early morning light usually good, you’ll also avoid the crowds that gather later at popular places.
  • Appreciate overcast days, and make the most out of them. Their diffused light can make for increased color saturation in your images,
  • Try shooting birds in a natural background without man-made objects such as utility poles, wires, fences, and buildings, which compete for attention.
  • With a good tripod, you can set up and be ready when the lighting is right. However, don’t be afraid to handhold at slow shutter speeds—the serendipitous effects can be wonderful.
  • When you decide what makes you want to photograph a place, think of adjectives to describe it—and include a detail in your photograph that conveys that adjective.
  • If you are taking wildlife photographs, use a shallow depth of field for close-ups to blur out background distractions.
  • When photographing details of nature, try different angles—above, below, from the side, and so on—to find the most interesting composition. In addition, it is always good to take the photos at different angles.
  • The best lens for bird photography is a telephoto with a focal length of 400mm or greater. Hence, a 70mm-to-300mm zoom works well for birds that can be approached closely. Also, you can use a tripod for lenses which are longer than 300mm.

In addition, here’s a video offering more tips.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed it- and don’t forget to share.

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