New Year Fireworks Pictures and Photography Tips


New Year Fireworks always give a kick start to the coming year. And what a way it is to start the year with some majestic fireworks!

This is a collection of breathtaking new year fireworks pictures. These pictures are taken from all over the world, from Sydney to San Francisco.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy these pictures a lot.

I have also added some photography tips, so you can take such mesmerizing shots yourself.

And yes, Happy New Year! :)

 Photography Tips for taking fireworks pictures

  • Enable “Fireworks” mode if your camera contains this feature.
  • Set camera focus to “infinity”.
  • ISO should be around 50-100, no more.
  • Always, I repeat, always use a tripod. Never count on your hands.
  • Find a good location, which is high above the ground, has low disturbance level
  • Your location should not be against the wind, otherwise all you’ll capture is fireworks smoke and not the fireworks.
  • You’ll have to use a bit of long exposure.

Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, UAE

New Year Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, UAE

Fireworks in London

New Year London Fireworks

New Year Fireworks Show in Singapore

New Year Fireworks Show in Singapore

Kuta New Year Fireworks Celebration

Kuta New Year Fireworks

 New Year Fireworks in San Diego

New Year Fireworks in San Diego

New Year’s Eve Fireworks In Philadelphia

New Year’s Eve Fireworks In Philadelphia

Belgrade’s New Year Fireworks

Belgrade New Year's Fireworks

San Francisco’s Fireworks

Fireworks in San Francisco

Fireworks at Tokyo Bay

Fireworks at Tokyo Bay

Fireworks in Sydney

Beautiful Fireworks in Sydney

These pictures are great but there are more at Fireworks Pictures.
One more thing, fireworks are great but whenever you play with them, make very sure that you are doing it safely, for yourself and others.
And last but not the least, Designzzz wishes you a very happy new year and hope that this time, we all will keep our new year resolutions. 😛

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