35 Superb Designer Fonts Collection

By Ayaz Malik | March 27, 2015

The word designer fonts can apply two things, “fonts for designers” and “custom made fonts for designers”. We are referring to both of these meanings. These are all high quality fonts that are exc...

50 Free jQuery Menu Bar and Navigation Plugins

By Ayaz Malik | March 26, 2015

This is a collection of the best of the best free jQuery menu bar tutorials and plugins. These jQuery plugins can spark-up any web design. This collection includes a selection of jQuery drop down menu, mostly horizontal ...

21 Breathtaking Easter Egg Designs with DIY Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | March 25, 2015

Easter is just around the corner and everybody is looking for easter egg decorating ideas. So here we are with a great collection of easter egg designs. This collection does not only include brilliant easter egg designs ...
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50 HD Typography Wallpaper Collection with Genius Quotes

By waseem | March 23, 2015

These typography wallpapers are not only for designers but writers, calligraphers, artists and all kinds of creative people, whichever field they maybe working in. This collection includes one word wallpaper, typography ...

50 Best Finger Tattoos with Live Examples

By Ayaz Malik | March 17, 2015

This is a collection of finger tattoos. The best ones! If you like to have tattoos on your fingers, this is the collection of finger tattoos pictures where you can find your best tattoo according to your taste. Having f...

35 Beautiful Manga and Anime Art Illustrations

By Ayaz Malik | March 16, 2015

These are anime art pieces collected from all over the internet. Whether are a fan of anime art or not, you will love them. I can say this because the quality of illustrations is just exceptional. The beauty about this ...

10 Attractive jQuery Tooltip Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | March 13, 2015

A tooltip allows you to add a lot in the user experience, and a jQuery tooltip does it the best. These tooltips present us a great way to pour life in simple HTML content. They add dynamism and eye-catching value, and w...

52 Most Eye-catching Tribal Tattoos

By Ayaz Malik | March 12, 2015

These are the best, most eye catching tribal tattoos collected from all over the internet. The culture of tattooing goes back to ancient Egypt and Greece. They still keep getting popular, so we keep making posts about ...
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