WordPress Naked/Blank/Boilerplate Themes

By Ayaz Malik | May 19, 2014

WordPress gives you an easy way of designing and developing website. You can create any extravagant website template professionally in no time. Blog sites, newspaper websites, business websites, and even social media web...

Need WordPress Hosting? Try Media Temple

By Designzzz Reviews | May 16, 2014

WordPress is the go-to platform for blogging or website creation. Almost every popular blog runs on it and almost every popular blogger recommends it. There was a time when you had to manually download WordPress, install...

9 Basics of Cross Browser Styling

By Ayaz Malik | May 14, 2014

Ensuring cross browser styling in web making has always been a nightmare for both designers and developers. There are available so many browsers and you do not what your visitor is going to use for surfing. In a bid to m...

20 Creative Examples of Die Cut Business Cards

By Ayaz Malik | May 13, 2014

Die cut business cards are very unique and very effective when you consider them a marketing tool. In today’s world, the demand of business cards has been increased by great deal. Business cards play an important role ...

Use of Humor in Print Advertisements

By Ayaz Malik | May 6, 2014

When it comes to advertisement, designer and ad agencies possess a very small window to grab their audience’s attention. Being limited to a single image means your message must be very strong and attractive. With such ...

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