3D Tattoos that are Unbelievably Brilliant

By Ayaz Malik | July 22, 2015

The idea of 3D tattoos is great but it takes an incredibly skilled artist to use 3D to its full potential. Good thing is, there are many such artists working in the market. So today, I’m sharing a collection of the...

Methodology of UI Design for Smartwatches

By Ayaz Malik | July 21, 2015

User interface design and web app design for smartwatches… that’s what this article is about. You might be wondering if we’re getting a little ahead of times? Currently, smartwatches are only being used...
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Designers Finally Get More Control than Developers

By Designzzz Reviews | July 17, 2015

They said any web designer who did not know how to code, was a design criminal. “They” included me as well. Until the beginning of 2015, I maintained that every web designer must have complete control over HT...
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11 Free Tools: Every Type of Gif Creator You Will Ever Need

By Ayaz Malik | July 16, 2015

Ever since gifs have popularized on the internet, we all need good quality gif creators. Yet, there’s one problem. Back in the days, gif was supposed to be made from combining multiple images. The software applicat...
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Android Development Tutorial Collection for Beginners

By Ayaz Malik | July 15, 2015

Android is the world’s most used mobile operating system. No wonder when anybody wants a mobile app made, their first priority is to make an app for Android. So today we are sharing an Android development tutorial ...
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Creating Package Designs That Appeal to Women

By Adrienne Erin | July 13, 2015

A brand is nothing without solid visuals, and as a packaging designer, you’re a frontrunner in maintaining a company’s image. Not only do you have to maintain that image and the image of the product through y...
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When Photoshop Meets WordPress: Introducing The NEW Webydo

By Designzzz Reviews | July 8, 2015

Webydo recently released their latest upgrade – the NEW Webydo. What really helps it stand out from the crowd is, in one word: professionalism. From the beginning, Webydo has introduced itself as a sophisticated pl...
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