25 Masterclass Hollywood Superstars Celebrity Pencil Sketches

By Ayaz Malik | September 21, 2015

Pencil sketching is something we’ve all done at some part of our lives. Most of us still start sketching whenever we’re bored in a class or just have a pencil and paper at our disposal. But how many of us are...

Pivotal Checklist for Creating UX-Rich e-Commerce Web Designs

By Lucie Kruger | September 18, 2015

Investing your money and efforts in e-commerce proves to be quite rewarding these days. Yes, people are getting lazier and as a result, e-commerce companies are mushrooming all over. Thanks to the breakneck growth, inven...
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5 Step Fashion Photography Guide for Beginners

By Tayyub | September 15, 2015

Glamour and fashion photography is one of the most dreamed niches of photographic professions. Most the people think that fashion photographers make loads and loads of money. Some people (mostly men) find it an attractiv...

Secrets Sauce for Making Your Website More Pinterest-Friendly

By Adrienne Erin | September 14, 2015

By now, you already know why you need to be on social media. Most of your customers are there, and if you can somehow ease your way into their online lives without being too sales-y about it (not an easy task, I know), y...
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25 Classic Examples of Humor In Photography

By Rishabh | September 10, 2015

When we look for humorous photography examples, we find two types of pictures. One is where the photographer makes a shot funny. This is where the photographer may take help from props and studio settings to take a funny...

7 Essential Tips for Female Designers

By Ayaz Malik | September 7, 2015

Not many people know this but women pioneered computer science. Women are the forefathers of computer programming. But sadly, we don’t see many women in the industry anymore and the whole computer and IT scenario have ...

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