Launch of Membership System – A Message from the CEO

By Designzzz Reviews | January 29, 2011

We have launched the membership system at Designzzz. This article is a brief introduction about it. But first, we take this opportunity to thank everyone for translating our efforts into social and commercial success. It...
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How to Make a Dazzling Golden Pearl Teapot in 3D StudioMax

By Aamir Baig | January 28, 2011

This is the first of its kind post on It is a tutorial of 3D Studio Max. Today I decided to share something new, something unique for our visitors – so here I am presenting a great article for making ...

Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelancer

By Tayyub | January 27, 2011

We have been covering the subject of how to become a successful designer in the corporate world. We have published guides for making a resume, giving an interview and being productive at work. Now it is time to take a lo...

Useful WordPress Plugins for Viral Social Bookmarking

By Tayyub | January 27, 2011

I’m not sure who said it, but the fact is even a monkey can blog. On the other hand, monkey along with many humans cannot make a blog popular. There are two basic pillars on which a popular blog stands: 1.) Content 2.)...

Best Freeware 3D Designing Programs

By Tayyub | January 26, 2011

3D is one of the subjects that have never been given any thought on Designzzz. Today I’d like to experiment and post a collection of free 3D and CAD software programs. All these programs are free to use and happen ...

Useful Tips to Design Well Under Pressure

By Arfa | January 25, 2011

We all have our good times and bad times. There are times when a person fails to shew his/her creative side, resulting in dark thoughts about the very designing skills. Well, anyone can become a terrible designer dependi...

Wildlife Photos – Marvelous Examples of Killer Instinct

By Khokher | January 25, 2011

We all know that humans stand on the top of evolutionary chain here on Earth. It has happened thanks to intelligence, and should we not have one, ruthless hunters from the wild would replace us very quickly. A cheetah, a...

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