Useful Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

By Tayyub | January 13, 2011

This is the 21st century and life is more competitive than ever. Now days many of us believe that we have to work more than any of our prior generations. There are two ways exceed in this intense struggle for success. On...

Free WordPress Plugins for Security and Protection

By Tayyub | January 12, 2011

WordPress is one of the most favorite CMSes of everybody. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s Free. It is by far the most used CMS, and according to a DoNanza project, it is still boosting its market share by 61%. I must...

Complete Interview Guide For Creative Professionals

By Tayyub | January 11, 2011

We recently published a How To article about writing and designing a CV for designers. We received a pretty valuable feedback. Therefore, here’s another post that can be considered a sequel to the one I just mentioned....

20 Effectively Conceptual Outdoor Advertisements

By Tayyub | January 11, 2011

This is the second of Effective Outdoor Advertisement series. Thanks a lot for the big bag of appreciation I received from you on the previous post. This second part is not that much funny, but quite meaningful instead. ...

Great Online Tools To Complete Your Invoicing Needs

By Tayyub | January 10, 2011

Making invoices and tracking time is one the few things that would make any freelancer a pro. This is also a basic need for small businesses. Many of us use downloadable software programs such as Express Invoice to keep ...

Checklist for Selecting or Migrating to a New WebHost

By Tayyub | January 10, 2011

If you have a website or thinking about making one, you need to know how to choose a good webhost. And also, if you do have a website or blog, your webhosting needs sometimes change and you have to migrate to a new host ...
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Wonderful Examples of Natural Reflection in Photos

By Khokher | January 9, 2011

Thanks a lot for appreciating and being kind to me at my first post. Here’s the second one, a collection of natural Reflection in Photos. All these photos contain an impression, an expression. A reflection in itsel...

Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

By Tayyub | January 8, 2011

These Chrome extensions are specially collected for Web Developers. It was the 3rd party utilities and addons that made Firefox a developer’s first choice. Google Chrome has been considered as a newbie’s pick rath...

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