15 Minutes Photography Crash Course

By Tayyub | February 9, 2011

It’s been sometime since we published a descriptive article about photography, so today I’ve decided to make an article for learning all basics of this art. This article is intended for the newcomers and amateurs...

Make a Realistic Wine Glass in 10 Minutes using 3D Studio Max

By Aamir Baig | February 9, 2011

Creating something in 3D Max is a tough job. Creating a realistic 3D graphic is harder than creating a realistic 3D graphic within 10 minutes. Now that is something, isn’t it?. And that is exactly what I’ll be te...

Photos Taken at the Right Time From the Right Angle

By Tayyub | February 8, 2011

Photos Taken at the Right Time! Since our inspirational posts have probably succeeded in frequently bringing a curve in your face, we are sharing another collection of tasty photos. The special thing about these photos i...

How to Code a Clean Minimalist HTML CSS Website Layout

By Ayaz Malik | February 7, 2011

A long time ago, one of our authors named Jillz created a tutorial about “Designing a Minimalist Website Layout in Photoshop“. I used that exact PSD file and created an HTML CSS Layout for our readers –...

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