Free Collection of WordPress Business Themes

By Tayyub | February 3, 2011

Today I’m back with some free WordPress themes appropriate for small business websites. One thing I should mention here is that l did not pick all these themes from “business” category, in fact they are gathere...

Futuristic Computer and Laptop Designs

By Tayyub | February 2, 2011

Technology takes a leap almost each day in this era. Gadgets and gizmos are progressing so rapidly that an illusion today becomes a reality tomorrow. All this pace of technology has inspired me to make a collection of Co...

How to Manage a Successful Contest Online

By Tayyub | February 1, 2011

Online contests are pushing the boundaries of creativity. We’ve been seeing more and more companies upping the stakes on their contests lately, offering bigger and cooler prizes and driving contestants to do crazier th...
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Photography of Cute Snoozing Animals

By Khokher | January 31, 2011

A comfortable sleep is definitely nothing but a blessing by God if you have got it. Many of us sometimes have to take sleep aid pills, but animals never need it. Here’s a simple idea with an impressive post. Photos...

Launch of Membership System – A Message from the CEO

By Designzzz Reviews | January 29, 2011

We have launched the membership system at Designzzz. This article is a brief introduction about it. But first, we take this opportunity to thank everyone for translating our efforts into social and commercial success. It...
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How to Make a Dazzling Golden Pearl Teapot in 3D StudioMax

By Aamir Baig | January 28, 2011

This is the first of its kind post on It is a tutorial of 3D Studio Max. Today I decided to share something new, something unique for our visitors – so here I am presenting a great article for making ...

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