20 Spectacular Examples of Insect Photography

By waleed | December 9, 2010

Today I have gathered some of the most amazing and beautiful examples of insects photography. These photographs are captured by really talented photographers. All these images are gathered from DeviantArt and are properl...

How Asset Colors Across Industry Affects Cohesive Branding

By christina | December 8, 2010

While staring at an Ansel Adams black and white photograph is almost always an inspiring, memorable thing, monochrome isn’t the ideal medium to make your online brand recognizable. Color is by far the single most impor...

20 Hilarious and Effective Outdoor Advertisements

By Tayyub | December 5, 2010

Here’s a treat for the weekend. A collection of 20 best outdoor advertisements. Although this is a fun post to study but the designers of these adverts should be complemented and we must also take some inspiration ...

20 Amazing Decorative Fonts for Designers

By Tayyub | December 3, 2010

Choosing the right font at the right place is half the designing. Today, I’m sharing a collection of decorative fonts. These fonts look incredible to write company names or any other one liners but not suitable for...

Majestic Examples of Arabic Typography and Calligraphy

By Tayyub | December 2, 2010

Its middle of the week and we need something refreshing, so I have gathered 30 very inspirational Arabic Typography and Calligraphy Examples.  These images are taken from some very popular networks online. All these ima...

Use Simple Diagrams To Spice Up Your Posts!

By Vogin | November 30, 2010

Adding images, graphic or diagrams to your post is an important step towards your readers – you’re enabling them to enjoy a nice picture instead of boring blocks of text. We will focus on diagrams and especia...

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