How to Edit a WordPress Theme – Part 2: Stylesheet

By Vogin | January 18, 2011

If you carefully read the first part of our WordPress Editing guide, you should have a very good idea about the basics of WP themes editing. We already know where can we edit our themes and which files corelate with a pa...

Hope – Captivating Minimalist Plant Photos

By waleed | January 17, 2011

Already had Tree Photos, now its time for Plant Photos! The prime of photography is when you don’t just capture a moment, but a feel. This is a bouquet of such motivational and conceptual photography masterpieces t...

Image Formats and How to Use Them

By Tayyub | January 15, 2011

If you have been blogging or working with graphics of any kind, you would know that there are many Image Formats in which you can save a digital photo, such as JPG GIF PNG etc. Students of Graphic Designing often ask tha...

Collection of Free Credit Card Icon Sets

By Tayyub | January 15, 2011

For about a month or so, I have been trying to bring you something different, something unique. Meanwhile I completely forgot about the routine kind of shares, such as icon packs. So here I am with 6 credit card icon set...

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