20 Amazing Female Illustrations by Loish

By NesttySantta | February 15, 2011

Lois van Baarle is a well known and acclaimed digital artist at Deviant Art. Her ID at Deviant Art is Loish.  Though she is only 25 years old but 7 years experience at Deviant Art and her superb design talent makes her ...

In-Depth Reviews of Website Builders

By Tayyub | February 14, 2011

Today i am presenting in-depth reviews of website builders available online, so that you can choose the best according to your needs. Online Website Builders are usually designed for users who just want good results in a...

Tips for Excelling as a Web Designers

By Tayyub | February 14, 2011

In our industry, the design industry, it is often said that to be successful, one must be a jack of all trades. You might be wondering what is this jack of all trades and how to be one…? Today I thought I would des...

Free Photoshop Custom Shapes to Spice UP Your Work

By Tayyub | February 12, 2011

This post is a collection of some very useful Custom Shapes, a.k.a. Vector Shapes for Photoshop. As you might have noticed, I’ve decided to focus on posts around previously untouched topics here. Besides, the quality o...

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Anime Artworks

By Tayyub | February 11, 2011

We recently published Valentine’s Day Wallpapers. Your response on that post was enormous, thank you for that. We thought if you like this topic so much, we’d give you a sequel post. We have come up with a collec...

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