Timesaving Photoshop Shortcuts and Tips

By Tayyub | January 7, 2011

Adobe Photoshop is a huge program with loads of commands, but it is very time consuming experience to perform a task when we don’t know the photoshop shortcuts (short keys). So today I decided to post a list of routine...

The Best and Historic Magazine Cover Designs

By Tayyub | January 6, 2011

A Magazine Cover is the most complete form of graphics. It has idea, design, punch-line, typography, art and expressions. Magazine covers provide you more inspiration compared to any other kind of articles. Today, I have...

Good and Bad Factors that Affect Your Website

By Arfa | January 6, 2011

In today’s world of expanding business opportunities, it is very hard for a business to survive without a website. Internet is a vast medium that can cater to people from every walk of life and to make your business vi...

30 Spectacular Lightning Photographs

By waleed | January 4, 2011

A lightning in the sky, it’s gorgeous, it’s frightening, this is Mother Nature’s one of the greatest creations and it leaves us spell bounded, almost each time we see it. I’m sure there were many times when you s...

16 Essential iPhone Applications for Photographers

By Tayyub | January 4, 2011

iPhone has captured so much success that it is now one the most successful smart phones ever made. When equipped with proper apps, it could beat any other smart phone in the market. So here we are sharing a collection of...

How to Create a Resume – Perfect Guide for Designers

By Tayyub | January 3, 2011

Your resume can be even more worthy than your portfolio, when you are in quest of a job. Your resume is the item that makes first impression. For designers, creating their own resume can be a nightmare. That is because e...

10 Free Yet Useful WordPress Plugins to Power-up your Blog

By Tayyub | January 3, 2011

10 very useful and absolutely free wordpress plugins to optimize your website/blog.  This is a cocktail post so you will find every kind of widget here, from search engine optimization to graphical enhancement. Some of ...

Inspiring Examples of Sunset Photography

By Khokher | January 1, 2011

This is my first post about Sunset Photography, hopefully you’ll like it. I have gathered some very beautiful examples of sunset photography. A sunset has been seen as a symbol of affection. These photographers hav...

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