Beautiful Selective Color Photos

By waleed | February 20, 2011

Beautiful Selective Color Photos I’m always looking for something out of the ordinary. Keeping this tradition alive, I’m about to share a collection of a unique type of photography called Selective Color Photography....

Infographic : What Your Web Design Says About You

By Ayaz Malik | February 19, 2011

Allow me to point you towards another awesome infographic. I was browsing the net and found an interesting way how to look at the web design in terms of: fonts typefaces colors Some of these facts have already been state...
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Things to Check While Hiring a Web Design Service

By Arfa | February 18, 2011

Hiring a website design services can be a difficult decision. Websites are a very important part of any business as it is a great way to stay in touch with your visitors and also to promote your brand. Not everyone is a ...

50+ Handpicked Free Photoshop Actions and Installation Guide

By Tayyub | February 17, 2011

Today I’m sharing a big collection of ready-made Adobe Photoshop Actions. If you don’t know what actions do in Adobe Photoshop, here’s a little description. An action is a set of recorded commands that you ...

How to Edit a WordPress Theme: Part 3 – Theme Files

By Vogin | February 16, 2011

Chances are you enjoyed the two previous articles guiding you through the miracles of WordPress and you want more. This is your lucky day then, because the third part is here and as announced, our main focus will be on i...

20 Amazing Female Illustrations by Loish

By NesttySantta | February 15, 2011

Lois van Baarle is a well known and acclaimed digital artist at Deviant Art. Her ID at Deviant Art is Loish.  Though she is only 25 years old but 7 years experience at Deviant Art and her superb design talent makes her ...

In-Depth Reviews of Website Builders

By Tayyub | February 14, 2011

Today i am presenting in-depth reviews of website builders available online, so that you can choose the best according to your needs. Online Website Builders are usually designed for users who just want good results in a...

Tips for Excelling as a Web Designers

By Tayyub | February 14, 2011

In our industry, the design industry, it is often said that to be successful, one must be a jack of all trades. You might be wondering what is this jack of all trades and how to be one…? Today I thought I would des...

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