How to Edit a WordPress Theme – Part 1: The Basics

By Vogin | December 30, 2010

WordPress themes are a great solution for website owners who do not excel in HTML coding. Instead of spending hours and hours on going through the boring lines of code, you simply search a theme you like (a lot of them a...

25 Fresh jQuery Tutorials and Plugins

By Taimur Asghar | December 29, 2010

jQuery is the most famous, powerful and cross-browser JavaScript library which is designer to simplify the HTML scripting. It is lightweight JavaScript Library which supports CSS 1-3 selectors and is used by thousands of...

10 Handy Photoshop Plugins for Photographers and Designers

By Tayyub | December 28, 2010

Since photography is the hot issue here at Designzzz now days. Here’s list of important Photoshop plugins for photographers and designers. Retouching, color enhancement and some powerful utilities to boost a designerâ€...

Eye-Catching Examples of Character Based Websites

By Tayyub | December 27, 2010

Web Designers strive to make their web designs appear memorable and catchy, so making character based websites is an easy way to achieve this goal. Many companies and organizations crave for these kinds of designs to mak...

Christmas Season Logos of Internet’s Popular Brands

By Tayyub | December 24, 2010

Christmas and Holiday season always brings a joy in our lives. Many internet firms create Christmas and holiday season oriented logos to greet their visitors. Today, we gathered the best of Christmas and Holiday Season t...
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Collection of Best Digital Paintings from 2010

By Tayyub | December 23, 2010

Long Time no Digital Paintings on Designzzz. Selections of Digital paintings was one of the basic elements which helped us to reach a prominent position in this highly competitive industry. So here is a another collectio...

15 Superb and Helpful Cheatsheets for WordPress

By Tayyub | December 22, 2010

Cheat sheet is not actually cheating. In IT, a cheat sheet is a set of tricks which enable you to optimize your application. This application could be a software program, programming language or some other kind of applic...

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