Spotting Big-Mouthed Clients and Tips for Dealing with Them

By Tayyub | October 20, 2015

Nobody likes a big-mouth… in any sense of the word. But just like Internet Explorer and crappy designs, we keep encountering them regularly. So this article is about dealing with that sort of clients. We have cover...

Guide for Using Typography in Responsive Web Design

By Tayyub | October 15, 2015

Ever since Ethan Marcotte coined the term, we have been trying to figure out how a truly responsive website can be made. Five years after the term was actually defined and recognized, we now have a fair understanding of ...
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24 Truly Brilliant Typography Inspired Web Designs

By Jawad | October 13, 2015

What is a good web design? From a clients point of view, a good design is which can get the content read by the visitor. Since web design is 95% typography, we need to take really good care of this part of the design. Th...

100+ Free Halloween Design Elements for Download

By Ayaz Malik | October 12, 2015

Once again, Halloween is just around the corner. Everybody is gearing up for the occasion, designers are no exception. But we designers have different needs compared to everyone else. While everyone is looking for Hallow...
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In-Depth Guide for Creating Online Courses that Really Sell

By Ayaz Malik | October 5, 2015

Making reliable, abundant passive income is the dream of every designer… in fact everyone in general. But only a tiny segment of people are able to turn this dream into a practical life. How can we, i.e. designers,...
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Absolutely Gorgeous Curly Fonts for Cute Graphics

By Ayaz Malik | September 29, 2015

This is a collection of the best curly fonts available for free. This collection includes some very cool curly tattoo fonts so don’t miss checking them out. Apart from tattoo themed fonts, there are calligraphic, g...
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27 Best WordPress Themes of 2015

By Ayaz Malik | September 23, 2015

These are the very best premium and free WordPress themes of 2015. These are all free themes that emerged during this year. These are not just a common selection of themes that you can use this year, these are the themes...
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How to Reach the Satisfaction Factor of Web Design Clients

By Ayaz Malik | September 22, 2015

There are very few people in this world who actually enjoy their job. When it comes to web designing, it is indeed a difficult, but also an entertaining job. Designers are lucky enough to try something new and challengin...

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