7 Essential Tips for Creating Successful OOH Media Designs

By Tayyub | June 4, 2015

However interesting the term OOH media may sound, it only refers to out-of-home media. It means billboards, posters, hoardings and such designs that you only see when you are out of your home, on the go. OOH media also i...

33 iPhone App Design Photoshop Tutorials

By Ayaz Malik | June 2, 2015

iPhone app design is one of the most demanded jobs in designing at the moment. Thankfully, it is not a difficult task. App designing does not involve any new set of techniques, tools or design methodology. It’s jus...
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The Most Useful CSS Cheat Sheet Collection

By Ayaz Malik | June 1, 2015

If you have a big, nice CSS cheat sheet, you will never forget a CSS code ever again. A CSS cheat sheet is a quick reference guide that helps you to find properties of the attribute you are applying. Naturally, such as c...
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Free Online Graphic Design Courses by Accredited Universities

By Ayaz Malik | May 28, 2015

This is a list of free online graphic design courses offered by the best colleges and universities of the world. The design courses in this list are categorized into three sections, one for students and beginners, one fo...
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7 Pivotal Career Guidelines for Design Students

By Ayaz Malik | May 25, 2015

Thousands of design students graduate each year looking for careers in design industry, little knowing what the industry is actually about. The design industry, especially graphic and we design industry, is not just abou...
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8 Free HTML5 Mobile Web App Frameworks

By Ayaz Malik | May 21, 2015

These free HTML based mobile app frameworks allow web designers and programmers to create hybrid mobile web apps. The apps that are device independent, which means that they display perfectly well on all devices and oper...
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