Principles of Designing a Killer 404 Error Page

By Ayaz Malik | August 5, 2014

A 404 error page is the page that loads when an invalid URL is entered in the address bar. I’m sorry but I had to define what a 404 error page is, now let’s move on. By default, such 404 pages contain a message that ...
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Liu Bolin: The Man Who Turns INVISIBLE by Painting Himself

By Ayaz Malik | July 31, 2014

Liu Bolin is a Chinese is the human chameleon. He paints himself and blends in with the surroundings like a tree in a jungle. Mr. Bolin also paints on other people and make them disappear… at least that’s what it see...

21 Attention-Grabbing Examples of Elevator Advertising

By Tayyub | July 23, 2014

Elevator advertising is a rising trend in outdoor advertising. The reason is that people have to wait in elevators, which allows the message more time to sink in their brains. Whether outside the elevator, waiting for it...
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21 Modern Paintings using Traditional Art

By Ayaz Malik | July 21, 2014

We see new progressions in technology on daily basis, with the passing of time the production of art has changed. Technology has developed a way to keep classical masterpieces as charming as they were at the time of inve...

Vertical Slide Hover Effect for Menu Bars with CSS3

By Ayaz Malik | July 15, 2014

A hover effect is the transition that takes place when you move your pointer over a menu bar item. Such hover effects can be used anywhere but mostly they are used for navigation bars and other kinds of menus. There are ...

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