Get Prime WordPress Layouts from Tesla Themes

By Designzzz Reviews | March 26, 2014

Creating a lovely website isn’t rocket science. The days of mandatory manual coding have set, and all you need now is the right theme to start from. The scenario where a designer and a developer work together and creat...
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Six Tips for Excellent Mobile App Designs

By Ayaz Malik | March 25, 2014

There are a lot of developers out there struggling with mobile app design to create the right app for the various OS. Even when it is easy to develop apps for Android, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get develop...
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7 Google Chrome Extensions for Photographers

By Ayaz Malik | March 24, 2014

A photographer relies on effectiveness and creative ideas for his images. To get the best output he cannot just depend on simple editing and effect tools like everyone, he needs something more than that to keep his workf...
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How Colors Affect Your Website

By Ayaz Malik | March 20, 2014

Since the beginning of website design, there has been a well-known debate about how colors affect a website. When it comes down to it, there is proof that colors affect a website in many ways. Many factors are influences...
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Finding Blue Host Coupons

By Designzzz Reviews | March 20, 2014

Blue host is one of the most trusted web hosts in the world. With over two million customers a huge list of features, they can arguably be called the world’s best web host. Another good thing about Blue host is that th...
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Taking Better Photos: 10 Tips For Beginners

By Ayaz Malik | March 19, 2014

These are photography tips for beginning professionals, as well as amateur photographers. So you’ve got the latest camera and the biggest lenses but you’re still not happy with the pictures you’re taking. It takes ...
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How to Find the Best Ecommerce CMS for Your Venture

By Designzzz | March 18, 2014

According to SearchSOA, CMS (or Content Management system) is the system used to maintain and/or modify a website’s content. While the Content Management Application system helps the author of a website to insert text,...
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Give Your WordPress Site A Boost At A2 Hosting!

By Designzzz Reviews | March 17, 2014

WordPress website owners (and all website owners for that matter) should be concerned with the speed of their website. As you know, one of the crucial factors impacting your website’s search engine rankings and user ex...
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