5 Hot Startups Every Web Designer Should Know

By Designzzz Reviews | April 14, 2015

The previous years have proven to be the golden age of the web design industry. This growth has been driven by a growing number of startups, each providing creative solutions to unique problems. These solutions make inte...
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27 High Quality Stationary and Branding Mockups

By Ayaz Malik | April 13, 2015

This is a collection of some of the best premium and free branding mockups. If there’s one thing that makes a design sell, that is its presentation. So here’s a collection of the Photoshop mockups that can ma...
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29 Superb Blood Brushes Sets For Photoshop

By Ayaz Malik | April 9, 2015

Blood brushes can be useful if you are creating horror effect designs. Since Halloween is just around the corner, these brushes should come handy. These brushes can create horror effect and also paint splatter effect. Or...

What I Learned After Evaluating 10000 Resumes

By Tayyub | April 8, 2015

Your resume can be even more worthy than your portfolio, when you are in quest of a job. Your resume is the item that makes first impression. I composed and designed resumes for a living for nearly two years. Those were ...

1000+ Free Photoshop Gradients for Designers

By Akkas | April 7, 2015

Photoshop gradients are unique resources. They can boost your Photoshop to a great extent. They are useful for designing not only raster graphics but vector graphics as well. You might have noticed that Photoshop styles,...

14 Free Pure CSS UI Kits

By Ayaz Malik | April 6, 2015

Pure CSS UI kits, or user interface kits, help web designers like me to design fast loading, modern looking websites and apps without much effort or time consumption. And all of these are free. After these UI kits, we do...
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52 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

By waseem | April 2, 2015

Adobe Lightroom presets help photographers to professionally tone images quickly. They don’t only save time but they also create brilliant results. There are many types of presets such as Lightroom presets for por...

6 Ways Wireframing Can Increase Your Productivity

By Ayaz Malik | April 1, 2015

A website wireframe is the blueprint of a website. It is a sketch of the layout that the final website will hold. I’m sure you already know this stuff, but if you didn’t, then here you go. Wireframes help us ...

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