30 Creative Paper Artworks – When Paper Said 1000 Words

By Ayaz Malik | April 26, 2016

Paper is a terrific, but sadly underutilized artistic medium. Even though it is big in Japan, around the world not as many people follow it as they should. Japanese paper art have a typical Japanese taste in it, but ther...

What is Kinetic Typography and How to Create it

By Tayyub | April 13, 2016

Have you ever watched a video that contained just text but looked insanely cool? Yeah, that was Kinetic Typography! Motion typography or kinetic typography creates an eye-gripping video and that’s why it has really...
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Why Font Bundles Are So Important and Where Can You Get Them

By Designzzz Reviews | April 6, 2016

If content is king then fonts have to be the crown. Font is the element that influences the reader’s mind most in a design and probably that’s the reason we designers pour over so much before finalizing the f...
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16 Free Data Visualization Tools for Research and Presentations

By Ayaz Malik | April 5, 2016

This collection of free data visualization tools help represent figures and other factual data in visual manner. What is data visualization? This is the art and science of creating info-graphics, flowcharts and other gra...
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32 Inspirational Tattoos with Meaning and Expression

By Ayaz Malik | March 31, 2016

Many people get tattoos but don’t know their meaning. That will not happen to you because this post is about tattoos with meaning. Getting a tattoo is great, but if you don’t know the meaning, it’s just...

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