Get Your Copy of the Fabled X Theme for Free!

By Tayyub | September 10, 2014

If you haven’t heard about the X Theme by now, then you must do it since X is the single most versatile WordPress theme on the planet. The wholesome designs called Stacks enable users to give shape to unique-looking we...

77 Free and Premium Photography WordPress Themes

By Ayaz Malik | September 9, 2014

If you’re a photographer and want to improve your website, there is nothing better than getting a new stylish-looking WordPress theme. The thing is, no matter how great a professional you are, if you don’t ha...

What it Takes to Optimize a Landing Page for Mobiles

By Ayaz Malik | September 3, 2014

Mobile technology is quick, real-time and responsive – and that’s something that you need today to stand as a winner. Now that business owners know the world has gone totally mobile, it is a prerequisite for them to ...

DIY: Create Instagram Filters without Instagram

By Ayaz Malik | September 2, 2014

Love it or hate it, photo editing app Instagram has taken the world by storm. With a total of 19 easy to use filters, snaps of your daily grind can be transformed into something far more glamorous in the blink of an eye....

14 Free Adobe Muse Widgets for Learning Designers

By Ayaz Malik | August 28, 2014

Adobe Muse is a powerhouse web design application from Adobe. It is designed specifically for non-technical users. You can learn more about it in the Muse Review we did when the software was launched. We keep sharing Mus...

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