20 Creative Examples of Die Cut Business Cards

By Ayaz Malik | May 13, 2014

Die cut business cards are very unique and very effective when you consider them a marketing tool. In today’s world, the demand of business cards has been increased by great deal. Business cards play an important role ...

Use of Humor in Print Advertisements

By Ayaz Malik | May 6, 2014

When it comes to advertisement, designer and ad agencies possess a very small window to grab their audience’s attention. Being limited to a single image means your message must be very strong and attractive. With such ...

Ten Steps to Setting up Your Online Jewelry Store

By Designzzz Reviews | May 5, 2014

Women love jewelry and the more they have, the more they want. It’s not just because of female desires for pretty baubles, this covetousness is also due to fashion. Fashion trends change rapidly and as trends change, j...

Brief List of Drupal Perks and Drawbacks

By Ayaz Malik | April 29, 2014

Programmers and web developers had long been vying for a highly compatible, free of cost and reliable content management system that can help them in building professional and search friendly websites easily and quickly....

Mini Guide for Setting Up your Workstation

By Ayaz Malik | April 28, 2014

A lot of e-Commerce entrepreneurs these days prefer to work from home instead of renting an office. Elements like lower set-up cost, no rent and time saved from not having to travel to an office are main reasons for such...

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