50 Smoothest Sans Serif Fonts for Free Download

By Ayaz Malik | February 2, 2015

Sans serif fonts are required in both graphic designing and desktop publishing.┬áThese fonts look gorgeous regardless of point size and color. This is the biggest advantage of using sans serif fonts. If you don’t k...

What to Expect in 2015 from WordPress Themes

By Designzzz Reviews | January 26, 2015

It is plain for everyone to see that web design as a whole has seen tremendous change in a really limited time span. What we used to classify as exciting new trends have come to be regarded as accepted norm in a matter o...

11 Impactive Cover Letter Templates (Free Download)

By Ayaz Malik | January 21, 2015

Cover letter templates help us devise the second most important tool of job hunt, cover letters. A cover letter is anything that is enclosed with any other document or parcel of goods. This letter contains answers to the...

Uncovering the Art of User Experience Design

By Ayaz Malik | January 19, 2015

User experience design, shortened as UX, is known to be the trend of 2015. All the good web designers are shifting their focus from web apps’ looks to experience. So what is it that really creates this experience? ...

Examples and Tutorial for Creating Melted Crayon Art

By Ayaz Malik | January 14, 2015

Melted crayon art is one of the coolest types of home-made amateur art. You don’t need any special equipment nor any special skills. It works in exactly the way it sounds. We melt crayons to create art. Usually, bl...

The Very Best 3D Pencil Sketch Art

By Ayaz Malik | January 8, 2015

We all draw with pencil. No notebook is ever complete without a few sketches on beginning few pages and ending pages… but most of cannot create 3D pencil sketch artworks. Most people cannot, but some can. There are...

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