Photo Manipulation Tutorial: Creating ‘Vision of the Lens’ Wallpaper

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We are using premium stock images from Shutterstock. That means you’ll have to shop if you need the supreme quality images, of course they provide images on pretty affordable prices. You can also use some alternatives from other free image providers on the net. But leave all this for later, right now let me show you the tutorial.

 Final Result

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making photography poster in adobe photoshop

Ground Work

I opened the background image, then I duplicated the background layer, you can do this by striking CTRL+J. Now chage the new layer’s blend mode to SOFT LIGHT.

adobe photoshop tutorials


Grab a grass ball and place it on the background. Once it is set, it is time for our hero of the tutorial, the lens. I placed the lens right on top of grass ball, but resized the lens just enough to reveal a little bit of the grass.

designing photography contest poster

Now I duplicated the grass ball, placed the duplicated layer on top of everything else, then switched the layer style to Overlay, and don’t forget to set opacity to 75%.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Result (so far): Photo Manipulation Tutorial

making an eco friendly movie poster

The People

I grabbed this image of a crowd. Then, using Magic Wand Tool, I extracted a some people I liked.

shutter stock photos in tutorials

I selected a boy and put on top of this lens. You’ll have to scale the image (magic word is CTRL+T).

Tip: Scale it with at least 300% zoom level, otherwise you won’t get the best result. 

designing a poster in adobe photoshop

Here’s another boy, and a couple that I thought would look good on this design.

fresh adobe photoshop poster designs

Green Stuff

A camera does not only do portrait photography, they do a lot of nature photography/wildlife photography as well. So I’m adding some greenry, for that I selected an image of trees.

tree stock photos

Time for scaling once again. This time, with the trees.

how to make poster in adobe photoshop

I placed many trees here. If you notice, some trees are behind the people. To create this realistic touch, you’ll have to arrange layers properly. It took me about 15 minutes and a mug of coffee to do this. I think it’ll also take the same time on your side.

adding elements in adobe photoshop


Didn’t I mention wildlife photography? So here are the animals. Let’s start with dears… I mean deers.

adobe photoshop poster designing tutorials

Same transformation stuff begins once again.

fresh posters for photographers

Wanna hear a PJ?

Q: Whats black and white and red all over?
A: A sun-burned zebra!

I grabbed a Zebra image and placed it on our graphic.

zebra in adobe photoshop

I rotated it, scaled it and placed according to my needs.

how to  make a photomanipulation in adobe photoshop

And we need a few birds as well, don’t we. I’m using a stock photo of sparrows.

amazing stock of sparrows

I places sparrows in different amounts here and there, I also duplicated the zebra on the other side. Here’s me adding all this stuff.

designing a poster in adobe photoshop

Result: This is what we have made so far. This is a complete graphic / wallpaper / photo manipulation.

photographic poster in adobe photoshop

Making it a Poster/Flyer

To convert the image manipulation into a poster, all we have to do is add the content. For example, here I’m making it look like it is the poster of a photography contest.
Type whatever you like and whichever font you like. I typed in black color, then I duplicated the text layer. In the duplicated layer, I changed the text color to white, then I moved the layer a little to left and a little to top. The black text below will start to look like a shadow now. (Refer to next screenshot for the final result).

adding text in poster in adobe photoshop

I repeated the same step, but this time I kept white in the background and black in front.

learn designing in adobe photoshop


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making photography poster in adobe photoshop

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