60+ Free PSD Poster and Flyer Templates [UPDATED]


This is a mighty collection of poster templates/flyer templates. All of these are free but you’ll have to reach source page to download them. Since this is a big collection, gathered from various sources, we cannot provide an all-in-one pack as we usually do in other resource posts.

All these files are PSD so you can open and edit them using Adobe Photoshop. I believe most them are made using older versions of Photoshop so if you own anything above Photoshop CS, you should be able to use all of them.

This is a mixed collection, most of these are party posters of flyers, but there are many other types of PSDs as well.

UPDATE: This post was one of the most popular template collections that we have ever made. Recently, we noticed that the content was getting a little older so we have updated this post. We have added lots of new templates, deleted the non-working ones and the post is a good new one now.

Free Poster and Flyer Templates

One more thing, these flyer templates have different licenses. Some allow commercial use and some not so you should check before assuming anything royalty-free.
But of course, there’s not restriction on downloading and taking inspiration from these.

Restaurant Flyer

This is one of the ideal flyer templates for restaurants, hotels, caterers and takeaway businesses.

PSD flyer templates for a restaurant

Night Flyer/Poster Template

This is a party poster template. There are many similar flyer templates in this post.

Night Flyer-Poster Template

poster flyer psd template3 free Photorealistic Flyer Mock Ups by Carlos Viloria3

Flyer Template

This is one groovy design for parties.

Colorful flyer template

The Big Game

This is one of the highly customize-able sports flyer templates.

Sports flyer templates

MMA Fight Night Flyer

This PSD can be edited to suit anything related to action, it maybe a movie, a gaming event, sports or anything.

MMA Fight Night Flyer

Party Flyer/Poster 

dance party flyer

Neon Sign

Promote any kind of music event with this template. Trance, Electro, Concert, Festival, Party or weekly event in a music club and other kind of special evenings.

Neon flyer template

Excess Mondays Flyer PSD Template

This is a PSD download for night clubs and parties.

Excess Mondays Excess Mondays 1 Excess Mondays 2

Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

Mexican party!

mexican culture flyer

Non-Profit / Charity Poster Template

There is world beyond our fun life. There are NGOs working in those areas to help the people get up once again. This is a design for those NGOs.

Charity Poster Template

Black and White Typographic

I like black and white stuff.

Black and white flyer templates

Chalk and Blackboard

This one is among my favorites in the list. Simple concept based design.

Chalk based flyer template Chalk flyer template Chalk and blackboard flyer template

Icicube PSD Flyer Template

rock band flyer

Valentine’s Day Party Poster/flyer

valentine's day party flyer

Music Love Flyer Template

music love flyer

Friday Night Flyer/Poster

friday night flyer design

Muzikarto Flyer Source

Muzikarto Flyer Source

Downtown Denver Bar Flyer Template

bar flyer template

Eleventa Flyer Template

eleventa flyer

Hip Hop Flyer Template

night club poster

Club Singer Flyer Template

Club Singer Flyer Template

Halloween Flyer Template

Halloween poster Template

Flyer Remember Nova Era Beach Party

beach party poster

Gothica – Techno Flyer Template

gothic flyer

Fancypants Free Flyer Template

night club free flyer

PSD Poster Template For Club Event 

disco party flyer

Bass Party Flyer 

bass party flyer

Music Night Flyer Template

music night poster

Electro Summer Sessions Flyer Template

Electro Summer Sessions Flyer Template

Party Flier Design

party flyer design

Vixen A3 Poster Template

Vixen A3 Poster TemplateVixen A3 Poster Template 2

Marketing Flyer Photoshop Template

markting flyer

PSD Poster Template

club flyer psd

Business Flyer Template

business flyer design

St. Paddy’s Day Flyer

St. Paddy’s Day Flyer design

Club Chrome Hip Hop Flyer Template

ClubChrome Hip Hop Flyer Template

PSD Retail Marketing Postcard/flyer

Retail Marketing Post card

Minus Degrees Ice Cold Flyer Template 

ice cold flyer template


flyer for party

Urban Party Music

Urban Party Music flyer

Dance Flyer/Poster Template

dance poster

Winter Wonderland Christmas Flyer

Wonderland Christmas Flyer

Black & Orange PSD Flyer Template

Wonderland Christmas Flyer

White and Gold Party Flyer Template

White and Gold Party Flyer Template

Galaxy501 PSD Flyer Template

Galaxy501 PSD Flyer Template

Night Club Flyer PSD Template

Night Club Flyer PSD Template

Spoken Nights PSD Flyer Template 

Spoken Nights PSD Flyer Template

god’s little place PSD

god’s little place PSD

Lounge Party Poster- Flyer

Lounge Party Poster

Photography Flyer/Poster Template

Photography Flyer

Music Energies Flyer

music energies flyer

Brown Bag Mixtape Cover – PSD

Brown Bag Mixtape Cover

Disco flyer

Disco flyer

White party poster

white party poster

Party Flyer PSD

free party poster design

Vacation Flyer

vacation flyer design

Free Dezine Flyer/Poster

design flyer

Prague Party Flyer PSD

Prague Party Flyer

Business Flyers

free psd template flyer and poster design


flyer poster templates

Nuclear Flyer Template (PSD)

DJ flyer

Dezine Code Flyer/Poster

free psd template flyer and poster design

 Vector Flyer

Vector Flyer

Acrylic Poster Frame for Background

Acrylic Poster Frame

Damon Baird – Render PSD

damon baird flyer

Club Poster Template

colorful club poster

Bonus: Flyer and Poster Mockups

I’m sure you have your flyer templates appetite satisfied, but what about presentation? Surely you can’t show the designs as they are because clients deserve more. So, here’s a set of mockups for you to present your designs to their full potential.

Poster on the roadside

flyer templates mockup

Hanging Poster Frames

poster and flyer mockup

Photorealistic: man holding frame

mockup for flyer templates

3 Photorealistic Flyer Mock Ups

3 free Photorealistic Flyer Mock Ups

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    1. Akkas November 15, 2012 at 8:05 am

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  3. Adam November 14, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Thanks for the great round up and featuring FlyerHeroes!

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    1. Akkas November 15, 2012 at 6:36 am

      Links are updated.

      Thanks a lot Adam, guys like you make us look good 🙂

  4. patara November 14, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Great Collection Akkas. Even without the links it’s good to be able to see the images on the one page when looking for ideas or inspiration. Choosing ones that are linked to free Resources is a fantastic bonus. Thanks.

    1. Akkas November 15, 2012 at 6:31 am

      Hi Patara,

      u are most welcome.
      This is my first designing related post so I was a little worried, but after your comment I think I did a good job. I know you’re a designer yourself (my editor Tayyab told me) so if you like it, I should carry on doing this 🙂

  5. naseef vk March 4, 2013 at 10:59 pm

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    1. Tayyab March 7, 2013 at 10:21 am

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    1. Tayyab March 7, 2013 at 10:19 am

      Sorry Harsh,
      We can’t design anything on demand. That’s because if we do, we’ll have to design materials for all of our 50K readers.

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