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We designers spend countless hours working on your Photoshop files. Our work load gets reduced to amazing levels if we can find PSD templates that help us to create graphics with minimal effort but maximum results. Today we are sharing a collection of just such PSD templates.

This collection includes PSD templates for graphic designers and web designers. This is a mega collection that includes PSD business card templates, PSD web templates and UI kits, PSD print media templates, PSD graphic templates and lots of other kinds of PSD templates.

All of these templates are in 100% free. You can download it, edit and make it your own. All you need is just some basic knowledge of Photoshop.

We could not include an all-in-one download file in this post because the total size of these downloads was exceeding 1GB. You wouldn’t want to spend so much time downloading graphics that you do not want so we have just linked all of these PSD templates to their respective download page. All you have to do is click the title/name of the resource and you’ll be taken to the download page. Just click the download button once you are there.

Card PSD Templates

FREE Developer Business Card

This is a double sided PSD business card template that flashes your eyes. This is not the typical (or should I say boring) style of corporate design, but it is highly eye-catching. Ideal for designers, photographers and creatives.

FREE Web Developer Business Card.

Professional Business Card

A business card is not your “about us” page. Designers also believe that minimal business cards are more efficient at delivering the message compared to any other. This is a minimal business card PSD template.

Professional Business Card using two colors.

Black and white business card template

None of the colors can match the class of black and white. The pattern is outstanding, and the logo will look extra sharp.

classy black and white business card template.

Stylish Business Card Template

Stylish dark business card template ready for two sided printing. A dark background with refraction effect. Logo comes on the front and details on the back. Excellent card for individuals.

Stylish dark business card template.

Design Studio Business Card

I love this template. It contains the ideal balance between creativity, friendliness and business. This is a die-cut business card so make sure your printer supports it (most of them do).

Colorful business card templates for designers.

Business Card Template

This is one of the oldest business card templates on the internet. Even the calendar on the card is six years old now. But you can easily updated the calendar. Rest of the card design was pretty impressive so I’m adding it again.

Business Card Template by Krzyho.

5 Business Card Template Packs

5 + 18 business card templates! Five different designs and there are variations of each design which makes them total of 18 business card templates. All of these are pretty cool designs in default business card size.

5 Business Card Template Packs1

Free PSD: Flow Business Cards in 3 Colors

This template can contain lots of data. It includes company name, slogan, person name, his/her designation and postal and digital contacts… and there’s still space left for a QR code.

Free PSD Flow Business Cards in 3 Colors

Free Rounded Corner Business Card Design

Rounded corner business cards are rapidly gaining success but they are slightly more costly. If you google it a bit, you’ll find a company which prints rounded corner cards or routine prices.

Free Rounded Corner Business Card Design

Abstract Hi-Tech Business Card Template

This design contains a sexy glossy look but (you can just always guess there’s a ‘but’ coming in) all printers cannot print it with its full shine. Make sure your printer understands the design and prints something as impressive as the image is.

Abstract hi tech business card.

Free Geeky Business Card Template

So, are you a geek? Would you find a better card? Even though this is not PSD file, it is Adobe Illustrator file which can be imported in Photoshop. I’m still including it in the list because I’m a coding geek myself so I just love this design.

Free Geeky Business Card Template.

PSD Business Card Mock-Up

These are the cards I actually like. Class, style and attraction, everything in place in the right amount.

Psd Business Card Mock-Up Vol 2

Vintage Business Card PSD

For any designs related to swinging years, these PSD templates should  be ideal for you.


Business Card PSD Template

This is a simple and straightforward kind of design. I like because looks like a vintage design and a modern design simultaneously. At least that’s how I perceived this design.

Business card PSD template

Business Card Template

For anything related to construction industry, I feel this is the best business card there can be.

Business card template, construction hazard stripes theme

Sand Business Card

I’m not quite sure where this card would suit the most, but I do know that this one contains a brilliantly designed texture.

Sand Business Card

Tutorial: Making a Grungy Business Card

This resource does not only contain a PSD template but also the tutorial for designing it. If you are a beginner, you can also follow the tutorial to learn business card designing techniques used in Photoshop.

Tutorial Making a Grungy Business Card

PSD Print Media Templates

These templates include brochures, posters, flyers, leaflets and other outdoor print media publicity material.

Night Flyer/Poster Template

This is a PSD template for a party poster or flyer.

Night Flyer-Poster Template

poster flyer psd template3 free Photorealistic Flyer Mock Ups by Carlos Viloria3

Cinco de Mayo Flyer Template

This is a pretty colorful template. It can be used for a Mexican food festival, or Mexican anything.

mexican culture flyer

Valentine’s Day Party Poster/flyer

How about a party on the most romantic day of the year.

valentine's day party flyer

Muzikarto Flyer Source

Cool guys, cool PSD.

Muzikarto Flyer Source

Downtown Denver Bar Flyer Template

This can be a brochure or flyer for a bar, a party or anything else related to leisure.

bar flyer template

Eleventa Flyer Template

Artist PSD template for a DJ or anything related to music.

eleventa flyer

St. Paddy’s Day Flyer

St. Patrick’s day is the favorite holiday of Irish.

St. Paddy’s Day Flyer design

Minus Degrees Ice Cold Flyer Template

PSD templates such as this one are ideal for private clubs and parties.

ice cold flyer template

Dance Flyer/Poster Template

Again, a free party poster template in Photoshop format.

dance poster

Photography Flyer/Poster Template

This is a publicity material design for photographers. This can also be poster of your photography training class.

Photography Flyer

Brown Bag Mixtape Cover

This is not a really a poster but it certainly can be used as one.

Brown Bag Mixtape Cover

Nuclear Flyer Template

Personally I hate anything nuclear… but this is one nuclear I can get on board with.

DJ flyer

Damon Baird – Render PSD

This is a brochure cover template for a gaming marathon party.

damon baird flyer

3 Photorealistic Flyer Mockups

These are pretty impressive poster design mockups.

3 free Photorealistic Flyer Mock Ups

PSD Web Templates and Web Elements


Here is the free homepage PSD of “Kyte” a Flat Onepage and responsive theme.

Kyte, free psd template for one page website.

Thunder – A Free Mega PSD Website Template

Cool free PSD Website Template ‘Thunder’ is a great addition in your WordPress themes experience.

Thunder - A Free Mega PSD Website Template

Web Design PSD – Banx

A clean and crisp free PSD web design template. It’s a clean and simple home page design that uses large photos in background. This a suitable template for a personal website or a design studio’s website.

Web Design PSD Banx


Modern and responsive layout for blog sites.

Extraordinary Modern and responsive layout for blog sites

Single Page Free Website Template PSD

A flat style web designs that is known for its simplicity.

Single Page Free Website Template PSD

Law Firm PSD Web Template

Usually we don’t find my good quality templates for lawyers. Here’s one though.


Metro Vibes UI Kit

This is a light version of Metro Vibes UI Kit that Pixelkit has sponsored to make available for Designzzz readers. Metro Vibes actually costs $39 per year.

Metro Vibes UI Kit Preview

UI Kit

This is a professionally made UI kit with an amateur touch. It is stylish and it is classy but it has that childish innocence as well.

Ui Kit, free psd template.

Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD

This PSD template comprises a bundle of elements. Web designers should love it.

Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD free template.

UI PSD Pack 

These pretty cool forms designed in Photoshop. These elements can add spark to any web design.

free ui pack for designers

Button Collection: 250 PSD graphics

This is a huge collection of web buttons.

Free Photoshop Graphics Download

Free PSD Pagination

Pagination is an element that is sometimes overlooked. This is pagination template that does not let this important element go overlooked.

PSD Pagination for Web Design

PSD Template of Under Construction Page

We often put under construction page on websites. We should put it in style.

best quality free psd files

WEB UI Treasure Chest

Even though this is one of the oldest resources in this list, the elements are still good as new. I say this because mainly this this UI kit contains banners, ribbons, icons and other clip art that almost never expires.

PSD Design Pack

Complementary Colour Swatches

Here’s a set of ready-made color schemes for your future web designs.

Color Lines PSD Graphics

Random PSD Templates

Gold and Black Shopping Card Template (PSD)

This one is a shopping discount coupon. It can be given to loyal customers or it can be used as a sale enhancement tactic.

Gold and black shopping card template (PSD)


Bookshelf PSD Illustration

A bookshelf made in Photoshop.

free psd files for designers

Free Pie Chart PSD Template

This one of most often used Photoshop templates in the business sector.

pies chart psd templates

Badge PSD Template Set

A set of badges. Good collection, nicely designed.

free psd file for download

Office Desk Free PSD Graphic

Yep, this is all I need to get my things sorted… why is my desk so messy?

office desk psd templates

Wall Sign PSD Template

Your image goes there.

free psd templates

PSD Pixel World Maps

World maps to be put on backgrounds of anything.

free world map psd

5 Ripped Paper Notes

These ripped papers can be used in web designs and print designs alike.

free paper psd files

Free PSD Resumes

We designers have an extra burden on ourselves for designing our resume that’s because we are a designer and our resume will be the first evidence or our creativity and design skills.

retro look resume

PSD Logo Design Templates

This is a pack of logo design templates.

free logo design templates

That’s it guys. Hope you liked the effort. See you tomorrow.

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