Gorgeous Rose Pictures


Rose is the king (or queen) of flowers. It is the symbol of beauty. It is one of our most favourite things in the whole world.
And that’s the thing I’m sharing rose pictures with you today.

This is a collection of the rose pictures. I focused on red rose because that’s the image you get whenever you hear the word “rose”.

If you like this post, do comment and we’ll be back with another mighty collection of roses, even better than this one.

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Rose Pictures


Beautiful Rose Picture

Velvet of Rose

velvet rose purple flower

Black Baccara rose

Black Baccara Rose

April Rose

April Pink Rose

First Rose

Red Rose
Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

China Rose

Red China Rose

Pink Rose

Pink Rose Pictures

portrait of a rose



red roses bunch


white rose photo

Rose in the City

rose in the city picture


elegant pink rose

Rose On Piano

rose on piano pic

For You

shocking pink rose

 Solitary rose

Solitary Pink Rose

Tainted Rose

The Rose

Dew drops on pink rose

the rose

rose pictures

The Wild Rose

pink wild rose

white rose

white rose

Pink rose

pink rose garden


shinny white rose

Yellow Rose

blossom rose yellow

Blue Rose

blue rose pictures

 frozen rose

Froze Red Rose
Midnight Rose

Midnight Due Drops Rose


multi colour rose
Texture of a Rose


White Rose


Rose Photography Tips

  1. Mid-day sun gives extra exposure, so always take your photos in the after-noon or early morning.
  2. Dark backgrounds are almost a necessity for flower photography. You can use some lightroom gradients for that purpose.
  3. You’ll need another light source from the bottom of the flower.
  4. Fog is the one of the worst enemies of a photographer, but foggy days are the best for flower photography.
  5. Keep the focus on the flower and blur the surroundings, there’s no need for the audience to see them clearly.
  6. You’d already know it but let me remind, lower ISO settings work best on flower photography.

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  1. suruha says:

    Oh, how wonderful! I love roses! These are just phenomenal! Thank you!


    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      Glad you enjoyed Suruha

  2. katrina says:

    hello,Ayaz Malik,I love these roses very very much.Can I put them on my blog?Of course I will give sources of these pics.

    1. Ayaz Malik says:

      Hello Katrina, Please don’t copy each and everything as it is. Its considered bad. You can surely take a few you want and put them :}

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